News Brief: Class of 2025 holds Red Sox ticket draw fundraiser


Credit: Alyssa Ao

A flier in the commons promotes the Red Sox ticket draw fundraiser put on by the Class of 2025. “Our mentality was, if we have the opportunity to fundraise more, let’s just [do it],” Class of 2025 President Reva Datar said. “The more we earn this first year, the more we can invest in our class events, and we can make those more memorable, exciting and fun.”

Alyssa Ao

The class of 2025 officers and executive board will host a draw from Monday, May 9 to Friday, May 20, where a single winner will receive five tickets to the July 6 Red Sox vs. Rays game at Fenway Park. During all three lunches, tables will be set up where students can enter their name into the draw for $10. Cash or checks made out to Wayland High School will be accepted.

The winner will be drawn on June 1, allowing enough time for the winner to make any arrangements. The Red Sox vs. Rays game will begin at 7:10 p.m. and the winner will sit in row 11 of section G32.

“One of the Eboard members had five tickets to a game that they said [their family wasn’t] going to use,” Class of 2025 President Reva Datar said. “So it just clicked and we started planning [the fundraiser].”

Students may purchase multiple entries for a higher chance of winning. After assessing the number of sales made during lunches, the freshman class government may also set up an online system to make entering more accessible.

“We had to come up with a price that people would be willing to pay knowing that they might not win the draw,” Datar said. “But then we also needed a price that would make sense for the fact that we had five red sox tickets. A chance to win five tickets for just $10, it’s pretty amazing.”

Rather than drawing multiple winners with a portion of the tickets each, Datar and the rest of the freshman class government decided there would be one winner of all five tickets, which would give the winner a more social experience.

“We thought that it would be much easier, and more fair and practical to do all five tickets [for one winner],” Datar said. “If we [offer] all five tickets together, then it attracts more people because it gives them the opportunity to use that event as time with their family or friends.”

Although the freshman class government has already held several successful fundraisers earlier this year, they will continue to act on potential fundraiser opportunities. Datar expects the profits they continue to earn will pay off in their next three years of class events.

“In the past this e-board has really exceeded everyone’s expectations,” Datar said. “At the same time, there might not be as many baseball enthusiasts as we had thought. But I really have high hopes for this [fundraiser] because the community has been so supportive of us and understanding of what we’re trying to achieve here.”