ICYMI: Week of May 23 – Last day of school for seniors, Lunar New Year recognized as a holiday and William’s Run


Credit: Nat Hsu

Nadya Chase

In the weekly series, “In Case You Missed It,” News Editor Nadya Chase summarizes stories from the past week with links to the corresponding WSPN article.


Co-Editor-in-Chief Emily Roberge broke the news on Wayland Public Schools recognizing Lunar New Year as a holiday. WSPN’s Aimee Smith shared the Wayland High School math team’s victory during the Massachusetts state meet. Editor Nadya Chase reported on WayCAM providing memberships as their cable subscriptions decrease.

Smith and Chase broke the news on the electrical issues in the guidance wing. Chase also broke the news on Wayland Public Schools Superintendent Omar Easy lifting the indoor mask mandate.


WSPN’s Garrett Spooner recapped the boys volleyball Senior Night game against Boston Latin.

“Following a successful first half of the season, the Wayland boys volleyball team has set its focus on the postseason,” Spooner wrote. “With every remaining regular season match affecting playoff seeding, every opportunity to earn a win is crucial.”


Co-Editor Sasha Libenzon photographed the track and field DCL Championship Meet at Weston High School. Staff Reporter Hallie Luo produced a gallery about the Wayland boys tennis game against Newton-South. WSPN’s Sophia Oppenheim and Nina Wilson filmed a video to say goodbye to the Class of 2022.

Oppenheim also created a gallery about William’s Run, and Libenzon shared a gallery about the senior clap out.


Staff Reporter Annabelle Zhang created an interactive map about where students of the class of 2022 will be heading to college. Oppenheim reviewed “Harry’s House.” Editor Talia Macchi, along with Staff Reporters Emma Zocco and Carolina Sdoia, interviewed freshman Maya Noyes and sophomore Brandon Jenkins in this month’s edition of Fashionista of the Month.


WSPN’s Jonathan Zhang shared his opinion on the unnecessary stress and waste of money that come with AP exams.

“Added to the costs of applying to college, prom, graduation fee and the looming doom of tuition, it’s pretty easy to see why many of us seniors simply suck it up and sit through the bundle of stress known as AP exams,” Zhang wrote.


Co-editor Jackie Cahaly, along with Staff Reporters Abby Raftery and Lucy Grasso, reviewed Wellesely’s Cocobeet in the first episode of The Picky Eater Picks. Staff Reporter Morgen Warner, Grasso and Raftery reviewed psych week and the Memorial Day parade in episode 55 of Weekly Breakdown. Staff Reporters Aditya Weling, Andrew Hiebert and Brendan O’Rourke spoke about the 2022 NFL schedule and shared their opinions on who won the NFL draft in episode six of Wayland Sports Chat.