Warrior Weekly: Steroids

Sarah Mitty


This week, Harry questions whether the stereotypes about steroids in sports are accurate.

[/caption]Apparently Major League Baseball has a steroid problem. You’ll find few people who will deny that statement. But is there really an issue? Let’s take a look.

You want to know how many steroid tests came back positive in the MLB this past season? Zero. That’s right, zero.

Obviously, there are plenty of results that go unnoticed because there are ways to cheat yourself out of a positive test. If you watch the 60 Minutes interview with Tony Bosch, you will hear how he finds ways to make sure that his players do not test positive. He says that there are ways around it. So keep in mind there was still probably some steroid use that went undetected, as there is in most sports.

That being said, there were still zero results that came back positive. The feelings of most players are that steroids should have no part in baseball. Just ask Ryan Dempster when he beaned Alex Rodriguez.

There are people who don’t like baseball because they believe all players cheat to make the game better. Well, baseball isn’t the only sport with a problem. Did anyone watch the Superbowl on Sunday?

Von Miller, Broncos linebacker (who was out of the game with an injury) and last year’s, was suspended the first six games of this season because of performance-enhancing drugs. Richard Sherman, aka “the best cornerback in the league,” was suspended at one point for PEDs.

In fact, since July 2, 2010, there have been nine positive PED tests that have came from the World Champion Seattle Seahawks, yet very few people talked about the suspensions. Maybe it’s time someone brings this to light.

Over the course of last year’s baseball season (April 2013-October 2013), there were 20 positive football tests compared to baseball’s zero.

Steroids don’t seem to be a problem in high schools. But what if they started to be? I play baseball, and not once have I been tested for steroids. What is stopping me from taking them besides my own conscience? While I don’t believe that there are high school student athletes using performance enhancing drugs, I still think there needs to be a way to test us.

But overall, maybe it’s time to rethink which sport has the steroid problem.