Kyle Mabe


Junior Kyle Mabe dresses in H&M, Timberland and Nike.

Name: Kyle Mabe


Grade: Junior


Favorite store:

“I don’t really have a favorite store, but I really like the brand Adidas.”


Online shopping or in-store?:

“In-store because I like trying on the clothes right then and there.”


Fashion icon:

“Justin Bieber.”



“My sweatpants are from H&M, my shirt is also from H&M, my shoes are from Timberland, and my socks are just Nike.”


Favorite season:

“Probably fall because it starts off hot and then it gets cold, so you can dress for both.”


Design time:

“Before I go to bed. I don’t like waking up and thinking about it; it’s too much.”


Favorite article of clothing:

“I like a nice sweatshirt because they are just comfy, and they have different thicknesses.”


Style word:



Fashion-challenged advice:

“Do whatever you want; don’t think about what other people think.”