Junior Zeke Betancourt dresses in clothes from eBay, Amazon and Nike. Betancourt’s advice to fashion-challenged people: “Be like me.”

Zeke Betancourt

Name: Zeke Betancourt

Grade: Junior


Favorite store:

“Nike because they have good clothes, and they ship quickly.”


Online shopping or in-store?:

“Online because it’s quicker and easier, and it takes less time.”


Fashion icon:

“Kelly Oubre. He’s an NBA player, and he is the coolest person in the entire world.”



“[My shirt is from] eBay, [my pants and necklace are from] Amazon, [and my shoes are from] Nike.


Favorite season:

“Winter because I like wearing jerseys with hoodies.”


Design time:

“It depends. I usually just take whatever is clean off the top of the pile.”


Favorite article of clothing:

“Sweatshirts because they are warm.”


Style word:



Fashion-challenged advice:

“Be like me.”

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