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Top 5 TV Shows and Movies to watch this season

Pictured above: the iconic lights on the set of Netflix's

Julia Callini

December 4, 2017

Movies: Movie: Battle of the Sexes Release: September 22 Leads: Emma Stone, Steve Carell Synopsis: Academy Award Winner Emma Stone plays the iconic feminist athlete, Billie Jean King beside Steve Carell, who plays nemesis Bobby Riggs. Riggs proclaims that at age 55, he can beat any female ...

Students share their opinions on school start times

Students share their opinions on school start times

Christina Taxiarchis and Lily Tardif

November 27, 2017

Superintendent Unobskey proposed a 20 minute pushback from the current school start time. WHS students shared their opinions on the potential change. Add your thoughts about the school start time change by answering the poll bellow. Are you for or against later school start times? Freshman Aydan...

This fall’s latest fashion trends

Senior Lindsey Jacobs rocks the stripes and pairs them with some green ripped jeans for some flare.

Audrey Camacho and Masha Yakhkind

November 13, 2017

With fall in full swing, the weather is getting colder and colder, and sweater weather has finally fallen upon us. We've summed up the latest fashion trends that you should have in your fall wardrobe. We've also inserted links to some of our favorite styles from online stores under each category. ...

Quiz: What Halloween Candy Are You?

Quiz: What Halloween Candy Are You?

October 24, 2017


WSPN interviews some of WHS’ most fashionable students

WSPN interviews some of WHS' most fashionable students.

Aimee LaRochelle and Masha Yakhkind

June 19, 2017

What defines someone as “fashionable” or “unfashionable?” Is it their ability to keep up with and predict the latest trends? Is it their ability to find unique and interesting items of clothing? Or is it their ability to create and maintain a distinct “look” that distinguishes them from the...

WSPN looks at summer fashion trends

WSPN looks at summer fashion trends

Masha Yakhkind and Aimee LaRochelle

June 14, 2017

[monoslideshow id = "468"] WSPN's Masha Yakhkind and Aimee LaRochelle take a look into the latest summer fashion trends popping up this season.    

Teachers define modern teenage slang

WSPN asked teachers to define the common slang students used at WHS. History teacher Kay Bassen correctly defined all eight slang terms.

Duncan Stephenson and Masha Yakhkind

April 6, 2017

Lit: When something is great/exciting Mrs. Bassen: “Lit means ‘it's awesome’” Mr. Vibert: “Lit means if something is really cool or great” Ms. Pitcairn: “If something is lit, that means it's very good, high energy, and you're having a good time.” Mrs. Miller: “It’s great and righ...

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