• March 21WSPN wins 2021 Gold Crown Award from the CSPA
  • March 11WHS to go back to fully in-person school on Tuesday, April 27.
  • January 21Order your 2021 yearbook! Use the link https://www.yearbookordercenter.com
  • October 16Students can now purchase their parking passes for $100
  • October 16Wayland High School to offer free lunches for all students for the entire 2020-2021 school year

Wayland Student Press

Junior Japhy Theobald prepares for his weekly private lesson by practicing by himself. Unlike many other musicians, Theobald doesn't use sheet music when he practices the drums.

Japhy Theobald: In the end, drums are about being open and ready for anything

Brasen Chi April 5, 2021

Junior Japhy Theobald decided to take up the drums in the third grade after being inspired by the swing, improvisation and freedom of the instrument. He’s been playing for eight years and has accomplished...

Senior Jason Haims holds up a fish that he caught out on a lake. Although Haims grew up fishing all of his life, he recently started a fishing club to spread his knowledge to others.

Jason Haims: It’s a great experience for everybody when one person catches a fish

Garrett Spooner March 31, 2021

For many, fishing is merely a hobby: something to do occasionally during the summer to unwind. For senior Jason Haims, fishing isn’t just a hobby, but a lifestyle. Haims has learned to enjoy the different...

Junior Ben Chen prepares to cut junior Devin Brogan’s hair. Chen converted a room off of his garage to his full-time barbershop area for his clients. The conversations and bonds with his clients are what make his time worth it. “Conversations with my clients can range from a local sports team to the state of our nation, so I'm always getting a good conversation with my clients,” Chen said.

Ben Chen: My favorite part of giving haircuts are the conversations with my friends

Haley Melvin March 22, 2021

Junior Ben Chen started a non-profit barber shop just over a year ago to provide some of his friends and peers with fresh haircuts without the expensive price. Chen worked through COVID-19, following safety...

Deep Dive Episode 2: Finding purpose through a portfolio

Deep Dive Episode 2: Finding purpose through a portfolio

Remmi Shaw and Josh Schreiber March 10, 2021

In this new podcast, broadcast editor Remmi Shaw finds students, teachers and residents who have interesting, unique stories and experiences to share. In this episode, Shaw, and sports broadcast editor...

During quarantine last spring, senior Tess Heilman took advantage of the extra time and learned how to surf. Although she had a board in middle school, she didn't develop a strong interest until her junior year of high school.

Tess Heilman: Surfing is a really nice escape from everything going on

Jimmy Paugh March 8, 2021

During quarantine last spring, many students made it a priority to learn something new. For some, it meant juggling or playing the ukulele. One student in particular, however, went to even greater lengths...

Head coach of the Wayland varsity boys soccer team, David Gavron, holds the 2014 state championship trophy, alongside assistant coach Charles Goodhue. Gavron has been the head of the boys soccer program since 2008, and the program has won 3 state titles under his leadership. “I'm really glad that all of our coaches, we get to work together,” Gavron said. “Just because you might have a title next to your name, it doesn’t really mean anything in our program. It’s all about what we can do to make the boys experience better and make our program stronger.

David Gavron: If you’re doing it right, then you should be exhausted when you’re done

Meredith Prince February 22, 2021

With a large banner hung on the ceiling of the field house, many students are aware of the four state championship titles that the Wayland boys soccer team has acquired. However, much more goes into winning...

At one of sophomore Olivia Rubin's competitions, she instructs her horse to jump over the wall. Rubin has won many events and competes in large national competitions because of her special passion for the sport. “Horseback riding is so special to me because it allows me a break from the stress of school and allows me to do something I am extremely passionate about,

Olivia Rubin: Horseback riding will always be a big part of my life

Lauren Medeiros February 8, 2021

Horseback riding is a sport requiring drive, patience and a lot of energy. Although horseback riding isn’t offered as a team sport at Wayland High School, some Wayland students participate in it outside...

Junior Jake Moser is pictured with his SMASH Volleyball club team at one of their tournaments. He started playing volleyball freshman year and immediately knew he enjoyed all aspects of the sport.

Jake Moser: There’s a lot of respect in volleyball

Taylor McGuire January 25, 2021

For some students, starting a new sport freshman year can seem daunting. Some may think it is too late to pick up a new sport, and others may think that they will be too busy with the new reality of coursework...

Senior Zach Campana prepares a special breakfast dish for dinner. Campana prepares new recipes for his family almost every week to introduce new foods to their palate.

Zachary Campana: Good food makes people happy, and that’s what I love

Julia Raymond January 11, 2021

When lockdown hit in March due to the pandemic, many of us could say we picked up new hobbies, whether it be baking, reading, painting, running or anything else in between. For senior Zach Campana, his...

Meet Ricki, the WHS therapy dog. If you want to meet her, pay a visit to the guidance department and be greeted by a friendly face and a wagging tail. “A service dog or therapy dog can allow a student to focus on something else for a while, rather than on the difficulty they are going through,” Sacramone said.

Who said no dogs at school? Meet Ricki, the WHS therapy dog

Alyssa Dickstein January 2, 2021

High school can be a high-stress environment: between tests, essays, the SATs, Driver’s Ed, college applications, plus COVID-19 this year, students may be feeling the stress now more than ever. But Ricki,...

Senior Jenna Brandaleone donated eight inches of hair to Children with Hair Loss.

Jenna Brandaleone: Donating hair is a simple way to help others

Katherine Kim December 14, 2020

Getting a new hair-do is an exhilarating experience for a lot of people who regularly visit hair salons. Whether you choose to dye, style or simply cut your hair, the immediate change in your physical...

History department head and Attic Archaeology teacher Kevin Delaney uses a tool for students at a farm in Sherborn as part of a project on how life was like on a farm. Field studies are an important part of the course and students must be open to taking part in more unconventional forms of learning. “To be part of Attic Archaeology, [you've] got to be willing to get dirt under your fingernails and be like ‘I don’t care, I’ll go muck around in the woods and see if we can find something,’” Delaney said.

Attic Archaeology: Local history makes history come alive in ways that kids can relate to

Emily Chafe December 8, 2020

For seven years, the semester-long elective, Attic Archaeology, has brought local social history to life for WHS students. Taught by history teacher and department head Kevin Delaney, the project and field...

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