Senior Hiro Waye dresses in Calvin Klein, Polo, American Eagle and Connor’s.

Hiro Waye

Name: Hiro Waye

Grade: Senior



Waye’s outfit featured above is from Calvin Klein, Polo, American Eagle and Connor’s.


Favorite store:

Waye’s favorite clothing store is PacSun. He goes to the mall to shop about once a week.


Online shopping or in-store?

“In-store. I like to try [clothes] on.”


Fashion icon:

Justin Bieber


Favorite Season:

“Probably the winter because I like long sleeve clothing.”


Design Time:

Usually, Waye picks out his outfit of the day the night before.


Favorite Article of Clothing:

“Probably the hoodies.”


Style word:

“Different. Because I don’t wear sweatpants every day like most boys.”


Fashion-challenged advice:

“Get rid of all of your [ugly] clothes, have your mom take you shopping with that credit card, and go to stores that you don’t usually go to.”


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