Junior Noelle Flanagan wears J.Crew, Vans, Vineyard Vines and Roots.

Noelle Flanagan

Name: Noelle Flanagan


Grade: Junior



“My jeans are from J.Crew, my shoes are from Vans, my shirt is Vineyard Vines, and my jacket is from Roots.”


Favorite store:

Flanagan’s favorite clothing store is Brandy Melville. “[I go shopping] during the school year, probably once a month. In the summer, I work at the mall, so probably every week,” Flanagan said. 


Online shopping or in-store?

“Recently I’ve been doing a lot of online [shopping], but last year I would just go to the mall. [I really like shopping online at] Brandy Melville.”


Fashion icon:

“That’s tough. Probably Kendall Jenner because she wears really comfy outfits, and makes them look really cool.”


Favorite season:

“Probably summer and the beginning of fall. Summer because you get to wear whatever you want, and the beginning of fall [because] you get to wear all [of] your new fall stuff that you didn’t get to wear.”


Design time: 

Flanagan picks out her outfits the night before.


Favorite Article of Clothing:

“Probably sweatshirts. I like sweatshirts a lot.”


Style word:



 Fashion-challenged advice:

“Be yourself; don’t try to be someone you’re not.”


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