Junior Jasper Hsu wears a North Face jacket, Adidas pants, and Nike sneakers.

Jasper Hsu

Name: Jasper Hsu

Grade: Junior


Favorite store:

“My mom buys my clothes, so I don’t really know.”


Online shopping or in-store?

“Online because it’s faster.”


Fashion icon:

“[Junior] Josh Ellenbogen because he’s a fashionista.”



“My shirt is a [hand-me-down], my jacket is from [The North Face], my pants are from Adidas and my shoes are from Nike.”


Favorite season:

“Winter because [you can dress in] layers.”


Design time:

“The morning of because I don’t really plan my outfits [since] I wake up really late for school.”


Favorite article of clothing:

“Jackets because they’re warm.”


Style word:



Fashion-challenged advice:

“It’s all about the layers.”

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