Credit: Hannah Rice

Business teacher Frederik Lehmann dresses in Banana Republic, L.L. Bean and Sock of the Month Club. Lehmann’s favorite season to dress for is the spring, “It’s new life, optimism, things are energetic, things are happening and it can be casual too,” Lehmann said.

Frederik Lehmann

Name: Frederik Lehmann

Teacher: Business


Favorite store:

“The Maynard Outdoor Store. It’s a great place to shop.”


Online shopping or in-store?

“I typically don’t like to shop [for clothes], but when I do it’s in store. I like to see how it looks, how it feels, and if it brings me joy.”


Fashion icon:

“Daniel Craig [because] I feel like he dresses professionally and simple.”



“I’ve got a Banana Republic shirt, L.L. Bean khakis, socks from Sock of the Month Club from my older sister, and the loafers are from L.L.Bean too.”


Favorite season:

“Spring because it’s new life, optimism, things are energetic, things are happening, and it can be casual too.”


Design time:

“Game time decision in the morning. It’s got to be what I’m feeling when I wake up.”


Favorite article of clothing:

“The top. I feel like on the bottom half it’s usually jeans or khakis or comfortable pants, so it’s really the top that makes the outfit.”


Style word:

“Business casual.”


Fashion-challenged advice:

“Go with what brings you joy.”

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