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WHS students will see a new system of paper balloting run by the AP Government classes when they vote for student council officers later this week.

Presidential candidates on the issues

WSPN’s Matt Karle and Kevin Wang examine Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s stances on a different issue each week.

Hillary Clinton’s stance on education
Donald Trump’s stance on Education
Hillary Clinton’s stance on energy and climate change
Donald Trump’s stance on energy and climate change
Hillary Clinton’s stance on foreign policy
Donald Trump’s stance on foreign policy

Hillary Clinton’s stance on domestic policy

Matt Karle

Democratic nominee Hillary has detailed a set of plans on domestic issues that vary greatly from those of her opponent, Republican nominee Donald Trump. Clinton proposes immigration reform that grants further pathways to citizenship for immigrants, gun control policies that expand background checks and criminal justice reform intended to “end the era of mass incarceration". Clinton’s immigration...

Donald Trump’s stance on domestic policy

Republican nominee Donald Trump has centered his domestic policies around serving America’s economy and security first. Trump’s plans include building “the wall” across America’s southern border to combat illegal immigrants, deporting the ones already in the United States, upholding the Second Amendment to assist in ensuring the safety of citizens and bringing “law and order” into the...

Hillary Clinton’s stance on the economy
Donald Trump’s stance on the economy