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Survival Guide: Chemistry

  • Organize your binder and divide notes by unit.
  • Study and redo all of your quizzes-even though they aren’t all multiple choice, they can be very helpful.  
  • Read the textbook-the sample questions hidden within chapters are helpful, because you get a step by step process of every problem.
  • Do the problems at the end of each chapter-pick a few from each subsection, and when you feel comfortable with the whole unit, practice the general problems at the end, as they tend to be a little more challenging.
  • Look over your quarter tests. 
  • Be comfortable with using every equation – a lot of the difficulties with chemistry are usually about knowing when to use which equation and what each variable stands for, so make sure you get a lot of practice with them.  
  • Review class notes
  • Stay focused-it’s very easy to get distracted or discouraged when doing a lot of practice at a time, so zone in to your textbook.
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