Credit: Nicole Erdekian

Survival Guide: Physics


  • Organize each unit and label them.
  • Label which units you are most confident with vs. less confident
  • Collect all of the unit test review guides.
  • Ask your teacher to review your old tests, and note what needs more work.
  • Know the material for each unit. Some problems might not have numbers (ex. Velocity is m/s).
  • Review class notes, homeworks and labs.
  • Know the main idea/significance of the labs.
  • Write down vocabulary words or use Quizlet (whatever suits your learning style best).
  • Memorize all formulas, except for those on the formula sheet.
  • Schedule a meeting time with your teacher on material you’re confused on.
  • Use the textbook for extra practice problems.
  • Find a study buddy that you work well with, and can stay focused with.
  • Once you feel comfortable with the material, going to the library with a study group during exam week can help make your knowledge even stronger. However, studying with a group before you’re confident with the material can be overwhelming and stressful.
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