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Lizzy Francis

Name: Lizzy Francis


Grade: Senior


Favorite store:

“The Garment District in Cambridge. It’s a thrift store, since I really like [wearing] sustainable fashion, and they do higher end [clothing] there. [There are] cute clothes that they handpick; plus, [they’re] sustainable and better for the environment.”


Online shopping or in-store?

“In-store because I’m a stick with my body, so I need to try everything on before I buy stuff.”


Fashion icon:

“That kind of depends; just seeing random people that I follow on Instagram. There is a native activist that I follow, Kincel Huston, and she goes to Yale, but I’ve been following her for a few years now. She’s just a queen and dresses really nicely.”



“My sweater is from TJ Maxx, these overalls are from the Garment District, and my shoes are normal Adidas Superstars that I drew all over.”


Favorite season:

“Summer, because it’s nice and warm and I can wear stuff that I think is really cute and form-flattering, rather than winter, when I have to wear baggy clothes, which sucks.”


Design time:

“In the morning because I am too lazy to do so the night before. Also, when I am tired, I get better inspiration.”


Favorite article of clothing:

“I like big dad sweaters, I think they are comfortable. And I do take clothes from my dad, he’s had these sweaters since the 90s, and they are warmer and have more character and they are worn in, a lot of love that went into [them].”


Style word:



Fashion-challenged advice:

“Dress in whatever makes you feel good. I think as long as you feel good, then it’s great.”

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