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Fatma Sayeh

Name: Fatma Sayeh

Grade: Senior

Favorite store: “I really like shopping at Urban Outfitters and my sister’s closet. [I like Urban Outfitters] because they have a lot of types of things. I am also really picky about my clothes, and they have good quality stuff – it’s not cheap.”

Online shopping or in-store: “I hate going to the mall. I think that people who go to the mall a lot are so annoying, so I actually don’t like going in store. But I don’t trust online, so it’s just a mix of both.”

Fashion icon: “My sister, Nour, because for some reason this girl can go into a thrift store and it looks like there’s nothing there, but all of the sudden she pulls out a really nice outfit. She can make anything work.”

Outfit: “My tank top is from Urban Outfitters, my jeans are from Urban Outfitters, my shoes are from Bodega – limited edition.”

Favorite season: “[My favorite season is] between summer and fall because I’m obsessed with jeans and sweaters.”

Design time: “Before I go to bed, I think about what I’m gonna wear, and I think about what is clean and not clean. Then I put it together the next day.”

Favorite article of clothing: “Sneakers because I think it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing – it matters what’s on your feet. Shoes say a lot about people.”

Style word: “City style. I dress like I’m always in the city.”

Advice for the fashion-challenged: “Don’t be basic.”

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