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Billy Cossart

Name: Billy Cossart

Grade: Junior

Favorite store: “I really like to shop at Birddogs and Chubbies. I think [their clothes] are very comfortable. I don’t really tend to think about what would impress people, but more as what’s comfortable, and that just naturally comes with the flow of my style.”

Online shopping or in-store: “I definitely prefer online shopping – I hate going places. I really don’t care if something fits me well.”

Fashion icon: “My fashion icon is [senior] Brett Morris. He has a lot of good sport merchandise.”

Outfit: “My sweatshirt is from a Chance the Rapper concert, and my shorts I got online from Birddogs. My shoes are from Adidas – I got them online.”

Favorite season: “I like [dressing] for winter. I like pants and Timberlands. I think that’s [the most] comfortable. I don’t like being exposed.”

Design time: “When I feel stylish, I choose my outfit the night before, but [normally], it is half and half [between the morning and night before].”

Favorite article of clothing: “Sweatshirts because they are comfortable, [and] I like the hoodie.”

Style word: “Fly.”

Advice for the fashion-challenged: “The fashionably-challenged should just go with their flow [and] see where you belong. Not everyone fits in the same group [of] style.”

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