Credit: Christina Taxiarchis

Josh Ellenbogen

Name: Josh Ellenbogen

Grade: Senior

Favorite store: “My favorite store to shop at has got to be Nordstrom because it encompasses my style. They have a lot of items that I would like to wear, and I [know] I can go through and find pieces I enjoy.”

Online shopping or in-store? “I definitely prefer online shopping because I hate interacting with people, and I can return stuff really easily if it doesn’t fit.”

Fashion icon: “My fashion icon is Ryan Reynolds because he is handsome and has really great style.”

Outfit: “My jersey is from Aiden Chitkara, a good friend of mine, my hoodie is from Nike, my khakis are from Abercrombie & Fitch and my shoes are from Nike.”

Favorite season: “Definitely the fall because I love the colder weather, when I don’t have to wear shorts. I [also] love wearing pants and converse.”

Design time: “I don’t know. When inspiration strikes, inspiration strikes.”

Favorite article of clothing: “A hoodie because it is that one go-to thing that just fits so well and you know you’re going to look fly in it every single day, and you can just mix and match with different outfits.”

Style word: “Fun.”

Fashion-challenged advice: “Be yourself and don’t conform to the status quo.”

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