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Michayla Mathis

Name: Michayla Mathis

Grade: Senior

Favorite store: “I like shopping at Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and H&M. I like those stores because the clothes fit me nice.”

Online shopping or in-store? “I like online shopping because being in the store causes a lot of anxiety.”

Fashion icon: “My icons are YouTuber influencers, but no one specifically though.”

Outfit: “My jersey is my brother’s, my sweatshirt is from my dance school, my pants are from Adidas and I am wearing Crocs.”

Favorite season: “My favorite season to dress for is the summer because the clothing options are better. In the winter, you just wear bulky stuff.”

Design time: “I choose my outfit right before I come to school.”

Favorite article of clothing: “A nice pair of jeans because when they fit well, you feel good.”

Style word: “Unpredictable.”

Fashion-challenged advice: “If you are fashionably challenged, just follow anyone on Instagram and copy their fit.”

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