Credit: Christina Taxiarchis

Carly Camphausen

Name: Carly Camphausen

Grade: Senior

Favorite store: “My favorite store to shop at is Billabong because they make a lot of comfortable clothes, but also they’re super cute. They also have a lot of neutral pieces that go with everything.”

Online shopping or in-store? “I personally prefer online shopping, I hate shopping in-store, because I hate shopping in general. Online is the best way to go because you can just sit in your bed and shop.”

Fashion icon: “My icon is Sarahs Day because she lives in Australia and is super cool. She wears a lot of athletic clothes that she makes look cute, but also can dress them up.”

Outfit: “My sweater and jeans are from Nordstrom, and my shoes are Vans.”

Favorite season: “I like shopping during the fall season because it is fun to go from shorts and t-shirts to jeans and sweaters.”

Design time: “It depends, if I am feeling really ambitious I will choose my outfit the night before, but I typically choose the morning of.”

Favorite article of clothing: “A sweatshirt because they are so comfortable and you can wear them with everything.”

Style word: “Comfortable.”

Fashion-challenged advice: “Find someone who you think has good fashion, find out where they shop, and shop there.”

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