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Marc Bartarekh

Name: Marc Bartarekh

Grade: Junior

Favorite store: “I like shopping at the Gap, because I find a lot of cool clothes there that are usually pretty cheap.”

Online shopping or in-store? “I like shopping in-store because I like to try the clothes on before buying them.”

Fashion icon: “My fashion icon is probably myself at this point, I pretty much just wear whatever I want at this point.”

Outfit: “My sweater and pants are from the Gap, my shoes are Adidas and I bought a gold chain online for $10.”

Favorite season: “My favorite season to dress is for the fall because I like to wear pants and long sleeves.”

Design time: “Usually I choose the day of, I don’t like to think about it too much. I like to just get up and put on what I am thinking for that day.”

Favorite article of clothing: “I like wearing long sleeves, hoodies and flannels. I think they look cool and they are easy to mix and match them.”

Style word: “Fresh.”

Fashion-challenged advice: “Definitely just make sure you are wearing clothes that fit you well, and just do whatever you want.”

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