Credit: Christina Taxiarchis

Luca Norian

Name: Luca Norian

Grade: Junior

Favorite store: “My favorite store is Uniqlo because it’s cheap and simple, and since it is affordable, it’s not the worst thing in the world if I don’t like [the clothing] or wear it,” Norian said.

Online shopping or in-store? “I prefer online shopping because it is a lot easier and more convenient,” Norian said.

Fashion icon: “My fashion icon is my friend Jett Peter, because he isn’t worried about trying new styles or breaking ground with fashion,” Norian said.

Outfit: “My flannel is my dad’s, my sweatshirt is from Carhartt, my joggers are the WHS joggers, my socks are from China and my shoes are from Nike,” Norian said.

Favorite season: “My favorite season to dress for is summer because I don’t have to wear that much, and it’s easier to create my outfits,” Norian said.

Design time: “I choose my outfit the morning of because it is easier and I procrastinate everything,” Norian said.

Favorite article of clothing: “I love joggers because they are comfortable, and they go with all articles of clothing and shoes,” Norian said.

Style word: “Relaxed,” Norian said.

Fashion-challenged advice: “If you are struggling with fashion, I would search up celebrities that you like on Instagram and get inspiration from them,” Norian said.

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