Credit: Screenshot captured during the Mar. 3 School Committee meeting

Above is a screenshot from the School Committee meeting on March 3, when public discussion about returning to the all-in model began. Clockwise from top left: Susan Bottan, Assistant Superintendent Parry Graham, Director of Student Services Richard Whitehead, Chris Ryan, Ellen Grieco (center), Kim Reichelt (bottom) and Kathie Steinberg (left).

Breaking down the decision to go all-in

The School Committee voted unanimously on Wednesday, Mar. 10 to return to all-in, five days a week learning after April vacation. The decision is likely to be a point of contention among students and staff. This story breaks down the different components of the decision and what was discussed during the School Committee meetings, before the committee rendered the decision.

Part 1: State Regulations
Part 2: Safety
Part 3: Student success in the hybrid model
Part 4: Cost
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