Explore your passions: Take summer classes

Kally Proctor

Summer break is a time for students to relax and have fun, but also an opportunity to explore subjects that they’re actually passionate about and help prepare for the year ahead. And what better way to do that than with summer classes?

Now, you may be thinking, “Why would I want to take classes during summer break after a whole school year of learning, homework and tests?” However, many students actually choose to take optional courses during the summer for a variety of reasons, including to learn more about a subject they’re interested in, to get a head start on the next school year or just for fun.

While I, as well as many other students, may not enjoy all of their classes, most kids will have one or two subjects that they’re really interested in. For many, summer break presents an opportunity to dive deeper into subjects students are passionate about and work on things that they might not have gotten the chance to during the school year.

Whether it’s a different language, a specific science course or yes, even a math class, summer classes can provide students with a relatively low-stress way to learn about something they want to know more about. I still remember the many creative writing courses I took over the course of summer break when I was younger. For me, as well as other students, these classes were different from the ones you take in school because you got to choose what area you wanted to learn about.

In addition, summer classes allow you to pursue your passions without the long hours, heavy workload and stress that school classes involve. During the school year, many students don’t get the chance to pursue other passions due to a lack of free time. When you’re an adult, there’s often even less time to explore your interests. The older you get, the more responsibilities you have and the less free time you have, so it’s important to take the chance to explore the things you’re interested in now.

Another big reason students want to take summer classes is to prepare for the year ahead. I find it beneficial to start working on some of the things I know I’ll learn next school year. Whether I just want to get a head start in a particular subject, or I want to prepare myself for a subject I know that I might struggle with later on, taking summer classes actually helps me feel less stressed during the school year.

Many students, myself included, often describe themselves as feeling stressed or burnt out during the school year, especially by the end of it. However, by taking summer courses on certain subjects, I’ve actually been able to reduce that feeling during the school year. Because I already know some of the topics, I’m not having to learn that information for the first time while also dealing with a fast-paced, stressful schedule.

Of course, summer courses are completely optional! You can choose what courses you want to take based on what appeals to you the most, or even just on what subjects seem fun. Some might think that summer classes bring the same kind of strain and rigid structure as those in the school year, the exact opposite of how most people want to spend their summer break. However, summer classes are generally much more flexible.

As opposed to classes during the school year, summer classes often have a lighter workload, take up a lot less time and are generally more carefree. There are often options for classes that take place later in the afternoon so that students on summer break can still sleep in, which, of course, is a major plus of summer vacation. Because the classes generally only focus on one subject, they can be as short as an hour or less, leaving you plenty of time to participate in other activities.

Many summer classes are similar to camps. Students can take these classes to have fun and make new friends while bonding over a shared interest. These courses give students the opportunity to branch out, connect with other students and find people who are passionate about the same subjects they are.

Summer classes are certainly a great way to pursue topics of interest, especially those that students may not be able to take part in during the school year. While students are crammed with information over the school year, summer classes can offer an easier way to learn and help kids get ahead in their upcoming school year. With all the benefits that summer classes provide, why not take advantage of that?