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The student news site of Wayland High School

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Former Wayland High School Principal Patrick Tutwiler becomes the new secretary of education of Massachusetts under Governor Maura Healey. I really want to be a partner to the people who are experiencing education at all levels, Tutwiler said.

Patrick Tutwiler: Striving to achieve education equity

Katya Luzarraga March 21, 2023

On Dec. 16, 2022, Governor Maura Healey appointed former Wayland High School Principal Patrick Tutwiler as Massachusetts’ next secretary of education. The former Lynn superintendent and Boston educator...

A group of sophomores in the innovation camp present the website they created, The First Step. The innovation camp was held last summer at WHS. “I originally chose to do it because it sounded like a really interesting opportunity and it was similar to college summer programs, but it was offered for free, sophomore Samantha Lee said.

WHS students take the first step to raise mental illness awareness

Sophia Oppenheim March 20, 2023

For most students, the summer offers a break from school, but for students part of the Innovation Camp at WHS, it marks a time full of learning and creation. During the 2022 camp year, four sophomores...

At the beginning of the year, juniors Ayush Kumar, Hallie Luo, Andrew Fang and Zack Goldstein restarted Chess Club. “I think Chess Club has grown since the beginning of the year, and now that it is at lunch, anyone can come and play a game even if they arent a regular to the club,” junior and Chess Club co-leader Ayush Kumar said. “We welcome everyone.”

Checkmate: How chess has hit the jackpot at Wayland High School

Tina Su March 9, 2023

Whether it’s during a biology lab or a free block, a Spanish or AP Calculus class, one is more than likely to see students playing chess. Throughout the last couple of months, chess has become increasingly...

From left to right freshman Julianna McDonald, junior Sophia Verma, freshman Marissa Mendoza and sophomores Melody and Marissa Wong stand together, each grabbing a piece of dough to mold. After senior Eileen Kaewapresert made the pasta dough, the rest of the students got to create the shapes of their choice. “At first, this was only a small group to bond with two special needs students, Melody and Marissa [Wong], because they already had an interest in cooking,” Kaewprasert said.

WHS students collaborate through Cooking Club

Elyssa Grillo February 17, 2023

Senior Eileen Kaewprasert created the Cooking Club at WHS this school year. The Cooking Club gives WHS students the opportunity to stay after school and learn new recipes from different cultures. Inspired...

Anonymous-Ask panel in the spotlight during Winter Week

Anonymous-Ask panel in the spotlight during Winter Week

Morgen Warner and Jeffery Zhang February 15, 2023

The Anonymous-Ask Panel took place on Friday, Feb 3 at Wayland High School for the 2nd time in WHS history. Organized by Teacher Hayes and led by senior Kris Poole-Evans and sophomore Jared Lappin, the...

Custodial staff at Wayland High School share their experiences working here at the school.
It’s a basic job, it’s hard, we do a lot of work, WHS custodian Sean Slavin said. That’s one thing, when we get new people that we want to interview, we tell them ‘It’s not hard work, it’s a lot of work.’

Hidden heroes: The custodial staff of Wayland High School

Kally Proctor and Selena Liu February 8, 2023

From the early morning to the late night, well before and after students arrive at school each day, one essential group of Wayland High School staff members is already present and working at the school....

Wayland alumni Alberto Salazar runs for Wayland High School. Salazar was inducted into the WHS Hall of Fame in 2006 and since that has been barred from track and field but still remains in the Hall of Fame.

Alberto Salazar: From distinguished to disgraced

Alberto Salazar, a Wayland High School track star, WHS Hall of Fame (HOF) member and 1976 graduate, always seemed to be a lap ahead in his high school, professional and early coaching career before doping...

Special guest speaker, Eben Bein sits at the front of the lecture hall sharing his story as a climate change activist. “I dont think its important to talk about climate change, Bein said. I think its important to talk about climate justice and climate action.

Eben Bein: The change we can produce in “Our Climate”

Sophia Oppenheim and Nina Wilson February 1, 2023

According to climate activist Eben Bein, we all have the power to make a difference in our rapidly changing climate. This power lies in addressing our state government and acknowledging the role young...

Right off of Route 20 sits Wayland Mini Market, a shop with over 20 years of history. The market opened before any other convenience store in the area. “I love my business because [even though] you need to put in a lot of time, I [get to interact] with my customers,” Wayland Mini Market owner Ahmed Mousa said.

Humble but historic: Wayland Mini Market

Tina Su and Charlotte Thirman January 27, 2023

As cars rush by on Route 20 in the center of town, stores like CVS, USPS and Stop and Shop blur in and out of view. Smaller businesses with more modest signage, however, are completely overlooked,...

ChatGPT is infiltrating WHS with the newly developed programs aid for school work. In the moment, it can be very easy to reach for the nearest, easiest tool, but the long term effects of that are pretty harrowing, English teacher Kelsey Pitcairn said.

ChatGPT enters Wayland High School

Nina Wilson and Sophia Oppenheim January 18, 2023

WSPN's Nina Wilson and Sophia Oppenheim explore the influence of ChatGPT, a recently developed AI tool, at Wayland High School. Scroll to read their article and take a quiz to decide if you can tell which...

For some students at WHS, advisory is a time to relax, but for others, it is unnecessary. “I have mixed feelings about advisory,” junior Katie Pralle said. “Some days, I wish I was doing other things, but other days, I am grateful for the short break.”

Mixed reviews: Opinions about advisory at WHS

Tina Su January 12, 2023

Because of learning-filled days and busy schedules for students at Wayland High School, most students don’t have time for a break between classes or during lunch. With WHS administrators recognizing...

Infographic: How students are doing at school

Infographic: How students are doing at school

Tina Su January 5, 2023

WSPN's Tina Su presents information on how students are performing in their classes. Yellow Informational Data Insurance Infographic by Tina Su

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