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The student news site of Wayland High School

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The student news site of Wayland High School

Wayland Student Press

WSPNs Bella Schreiber discusses double standards surrounding Brittney Griners imprisonment in Russia.

Opinion: Brittney Griner sheds light on the double standard within sports

Bella Schreiber June 15, 2022

On Feb. 17, 2022, WNBA player Brittney Griner was detained in Russia and will stay there until at least June 18, 2022. It took me almost four months, nearly up to her potential release date, before I was...

WSPNs Katya Luzarraga and Kally Proctor discuss the pros and cons of summer classes.

Two-sided opinion: Summer classes

Kally Proctor and Katya Luzarraga June 11, 2022

In this side-by-side opinion piece, Editor Katya Luzarraga and WSPN's Kally Proctor share their opinions about the benefits and disadvantages to summer classes. Click here to learn more about summer break...

Guest writers MSA club leaders discuss their goals to build a sense of inclusion within the WHS community. They meet on Tuesdays after school in the media center to talk about future projects.

The Muslim Student Association: Working to build a stronger sense of community within Wayland High School

In a school that values diversity, inclusion and kindness, we, the Muslim Student Association, believe that all religions, cultures, and ethnicities should be represented. Since sharing beliefs contributes...

WSPNs Reva Datar discusses the effects of South Asian stereotypes.

Opinion: Stereotypes do not tell the stories of their targets

Reva Datar June 4, 2022

As the students gathered around the table, they all took out the lunch their mothers had packed for them, or the lunch they picked up from the hot lunch line. One took out neatly cut sandwiches, another...

WSPNs Katya Luzarraga discusses the Buffalo shooting and how racial hate-crimes contributed to the tragic event.

Opinion: The Buffalo shooting stands at the forefront of America’s battle with hate crimes

Katya Luzarraga June 2, 2022

Racism and hate crimes plague our great nation and we’re not doing anything to stop it. We go out into the world knowing that there are stereotypes, but in the last couple of years, violence against...

WSPNs Kally Proctor discusses the Uvalde shooting and steps schools and policymakers could take to decrease the number of mass school shootings in the United States.

Some questions, some answers: A high school sophomore’s take on school mass shootings in America

Kally Proctor June 1, 2022

I’m a sophomore in high school and I am afraid. I’m afraid for myself and afraid for my country. I go to school every day, I work hard, I take it seriously, I generally have fun, and yet, I am afraid....

WSPNs Jonathan Zhang discusses why AP exams are an unnecessary stress to students who choose to take them, as well as a hit to their bank accounts.

Opinion: Wasted money + unnecessary stress = AP exams

Jonathan Zhang May 24, 2022

Once again, us high school students living in the United States have just finished the rigorous batch of standardized tests known as the Advanced Placement exams. These tests are supposed to test the knowledge...

WSPNs Kally Proctor and Reva Datar discuss the leaked Supreme Court draft that could overrule Roe v. Wade.

A step backwards: The Supreme Court’s decision will strip women of their power

Kally Proctor and Reva Datar May 21, 2022

While women’s health in America has been jeopardized and used as a political tool, politicians use the topic of abortion to garner support for their political campaigns. They continue to make promises...

WSPNs Brenden ORourke discusses the NBA Conference finals and his predictions for the rest of the series.

Warrior Weekly: NBA Conference Finals

Brendan O'Rourke May 20, 2022

As the calendar starts to shift closer to summer and the weather heats up, the NBA playoffs are reaching an endpoint. So far we have seen many great games and series, but we are now down to four teams....

WSPNs Penelope Biddle discusses the harm that fake news can cause when it is spread unchecked. For example, the incident that occurred on the night of May 2, 2022 and left many residents with questions.

Opinion: Small towns need to learn how to handle big rumors

Penelope Biddle May 20, 2022

Wayland’s relatively small size means news travels fast, but unfortunately fake news can travel even faster. Perhaps the most harmful effect of Wayland’s size is the damage that can be caused from...

WSPNs Deirdre Brown discusses mental health help for Student Athletes.

Morgan’s Message: Student-athletes have feelings too

Deirdre Brown May 18, 2022

Katie Meyer, Robert Martin, Lauren Bernett and Morgan Rodgers. All names with a similar story that ends in heartbreak. For these four athletes and countless others with the same tragic tale, one thing...

WSPNs Selena Liu discusses the difficulty of taking a language class at WHS.

Opinion: The difficulty in persevering through language classes

Selena Liu May 14, 2022

The rigor of learning a new language at Wayland High School will exhaust any student. Think about it — you’re learning how to speak all over again. Yet, getting graded weekly on tests in the forms...

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