• June 172020-2021 school year to end Thursday, June 17
  • June 17WHS seniors became graduates Sunday, June 6, 2021
  • June 17WSPN wins NSPA Online Pacemaker Award
  • June 17WSPN wins 2021 Gold Crown Award from the CSPA
  • June 17Order your 2021 yearbook! Use the link https://www.yearbookordercenter.com
  • June 17Wayland High School to offer free lunches for all students for the entire 2020-2021 school year
The student news site of Wayland High School

Wayland Student Press

The student news site of Wayland High School

Wayland Student Press

The student news site of Wayland High School

Wayland Student Press

WSPN’s Delia Caulfield discusses the Tristyn Bailey murder case and how the decision to charge suspect Aiden Fucci as an adult brings us steps closer to achieving justice for Bailey.

Opinion: Justice for Tristyn Bailey can only be achieved by trying Aiden Fucci as an adult

Delia Caulfield June 17, 2021

Police found the body of 13-year old Floridian Tristyn Bailey Sunday, May 9, 2021. The suspect is 14-year old Aiden Fucci, who pleaded not guilty to the charge of first-degree murder. Despite this, police...

WSPN's Emily Roberge discusses the

Opinion: People need to be more informed about the ongoing genocide in China

Emily Roberge June 16, 2021

Living in a world dominated by technology and social media, almost everything can be captured. Fortunately, this sheds light on issues that we must address. Even though the past year has been a wakeup...

'Nobody' is a dramatic movie about a supposed normal citizen, but what happens when he's pushed to the edge and his past is unveiled?

Movie Review: Nobody

Charlotte Thirman June 16, 2021

The new action-thriller 'Nobody' is being compared to the famous 'John Wick,' which is known for its incredible action choreography and well-known cast. I don't think 'Nobody' is at the same level as 'John...

At the recent Wayland Town Meeting, Article 19, which declared the town of Wayland in a climate emergency passed.

Climate Change resolution passed at Town Meeting: a brighter future’s ahead

Julia Raymond June 15, 2021

Wayland is headed in the right direction. Recently at town meeting, Wayland passed a climate change resolution (Article 19) that declared the town of Wayland in a climate emergency. Wayland is not alone:...

WSPN's Genevieve Morrison discusses the implications of Arizona's current audit following the 2020 presidential election.

Opinion: The Arizona audit is an embarrassment

Genevieve Morrison June 4, 2021

Six months after the election, and five since the new president was inaugurated, Arizona is still recounting ballots. Is there a federal agency overseeing this? Or maybe even a state committee? No. Instead,...

WSPN's Delia Caulfield discusses the absence of final exams this year due to the pandemic and their negative effects on students stress levels at the end of the school year.

Finals: A test? Or just added stress?

Delia Caulfield June 3, 2021

This year, Wayland High School has not mandated final exams for students. This decision came as a result of the pandemic and ensuring the safety of students and staff. Many hold different opinions as to...

WSPN's Emily Roberge discusses the nation's recent rise in antisemitism following the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Opinion: We must act now to stop recent rise in antisemitism

Emily Roberge June 2, 2021

If you have tuned into the news in the past week, then you’ve probably heard about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Although it seems like this is a recent dispute, both Israelis and Palestinians share...

WSPN’s Olivia Tawakol discusses Biden’s call to loosen mask mandates for vaccinated people in the U.S.

Opinion: The call to ease mask mandates brings us closer to normal life

Olivia Tawakol June 1, 2021

On Thursday, May 13, President Joe Biden announced the new CDC guidelines, stating that fully vaccinated citizens don’t need a mask in most settings. For many people, this groundbreaking news represents...

Junior Lauren Medeiros poses for the first day of all-in on April 27th. For the 2021-2022 school year, the all-in plan will stay in place. This is exciting news, showing we are getting back to

Much needed: a normal school year

Julia Raymond May 31, 2021

On May 27th, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in Massachusetts informed superintendents that all COVID-19 related protocols, including social distancing, will be lifted at schools for...

WSPN's Genevieve Morrison discusses the dangers of misinformation on social media surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Opinion: Social media is becoming dangerous to the Israel-Palestine conflict

Genevieve Morrison May 26, 2021

Over the past year, Instagram changed from a platform for social media to a platform for social change. Hashtags like #blackouttuesday encouraged Instagram users to spread awareness about racism and police...

WSPN’s Delia Caulfield explains the benefits of mandatory vaccinations for students in order to attend school.

Opinion: We cannot restore normalcy until students are vaccinated

Delia Caulfield May 25, 2021

On Monday, May 10, the FDA expanded the Pfizer vaccine’s approval to include all people over the age of 12. Due to this, school districts across the country considered mandating the vaccine for all eligible...

WSPN's Aditya Weling picks apart the top contenders for this years NBA playoffs. With this year being far from normal and filled with countless injuries, many teams are looking to step up and bring the hardware back to its city.

Warrior Weekly: NBA playoffs

Aditya Weling May 21, 2021

With the NBA playoffs right around the corner, it’s time to start looking ahead to some of the top contenders and phoney pretenders in this year’s dance. In this unusual, and slightly shortened, 72-game...

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