• June 162020-2021 school year to end Thursday, June 17
  • June 16WHS seniors became graduates Sunday, June 6, 2021
  • June 16WSPN wins NSPA Online Pacemaker Award
  • June 16WSPN wins 2021 Gold Crown Award from the CSPA
  • June 16Order your 2021 yearbook! Use the link https://www.yearbookordercenter.com
  • June 16Wayland High School to offer free lunches for all students for the entire 2020-2021 school year
The student news site of Wayland High School

Wayland Student Press

The student news site of Wayland High School

Wayland Student Press

The student news site of Wayland High School

Wayland Student Press

'Nobody' is a dramatic movie about a supposed normal citizen, but what happens when he's pushed to the edge and his past is unveiled?

Movie Review: Nobody

Charlotte Thirman June 16, 2021

The new action-thriller 'Nobody' is being compared to the famous 'John Wick,' which is known for its incredible action choreography and well-known cast. I don't think 'Nobody' is at the same level as 'John...

The DJ attracts the most people when he plays 'The Cotton Eyed-Joe,' a jig everyone seems to know by heart. Seniors Darcy Foreman and Becca Lieb lead everyone in the dance, standing in the front with their colorful gowns.

Where are they off to? WHS senior map

Haley Melvin June 15, 2021

After graduation Sunday, June 6, Wayland High School seniors, who are now graduates, are off to begin their various futures. Students' plans are mixed with some attending a college or university, some...

WHS theatre preforms Leonard Bernstein's New York outside on May 21, May 22 and May 23.

WHSTE’S New York: Theatre amidst the pandemic

Alexina McQuilkin June 14, 2021

Story updated June 17, 2021. Despite Covid-19, the WHS Theatre Ensemble (WHSTE) was still able to perform their spring musical, 'Leonard Bernstein’s New York.' The performances took place outside...

A group of senior girls gather together for a golden hour photo shoot.

Class of 2021’s Class Night

Wayland High School seniors attended their Class Night June 4, 2021, a prom replacement that took place in the high school courtyard. Although it was more casual, seniors still walked down the traditional...

Window Dance Ensemble jumps into their spring show (video)

Window Dance Ensemble jumps into their spring show (video)

Genevieve Morrison and Charlotte Thirman June 12, 2021

Window Dance Ensemble rehearses for their spring performance. The show took place May 26 and 27, displaying a variety of dances and genres. After the loss of traveling during this past year due to COVID-19,...

In the latest installment of “Bryn’s Books,” sophomore guest writer Bryn Leonard reviews “Just Mercy” and details the most prominent factors of the novel.

Bryn’s Books: “The Scarlet Letter”

Bryn Leonard June 11, 2021

I am the type of person who always finishes a book, no matter what. It is very uncommon when I feel as if I can't complete a book, and this was one of those times. There were instances where I highly debated...

In the latest installment of “Bryn’s Books,” sophomore guest writer Bryn Leonard reviews “Just Mercy” and details the most prominent factors of the novel.

Bryn’s Books: “Just Mercy”

Bryn Leonard June 8, 2021

Bryan Stevenson, a black lawyer who graduated from Harvard law school, dedicates his life to exonerating people falsely accused of crimes or those who are unfairly punished by the court system. Stevenson...

Many of the student volunteers get comfortable after hypnotist Peter Gross tells them to “three, two, one, sleep.” During this period of unconsciousness, Gross gave the volunteers commands or messed with them.

And sleep! Hypnotist Peter Gross at WHS ’21

Isabella Ciasullo May 24, 2021

Hypnotist Peter Gross visited Wayland High School on Friday, May 7 to perform during Student Council's spring week. In order to abide by COVID-19 restrictions, Student Council limited attendance and...

Sophomore Grace Marto completes the 'Ms. Miz' scavenger hunt challenge. Students took a photo with WHS Principal Allyson Mizoguchi to gain five points for their scavenger hunt team.

WHS partakes in traditional Spring Week despite COVID-19

Alexina McQuilkin May 20, 2021

In the beginning of May, members of the Wayland High School Student Council coordinated a "Spring Week" for WHS students to relax and have a good time with their friends while still following COVID-19...

Join WSPN’s Izzy Poole-Evans as she reviews various video games she plays in her spare time.

Video Game Review: 13 Sentinels

Izzy Poole-Evans May 13, 2021

"13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim" made it's debut in stores in the west back in Sep. 2020. I saw the trailer for this game on Twitter that morning and something just clicked with me; I needed this game. I bought...

Infographic: Lunch at Wayland High School

Infographic: Lunch at Wayland High School

Katherine Clifford May 13, 2021

With all students coming together into the school, students with licenses are often going out with friends to eat instead of being cramped in the field house or commons. Below are the most common places...

This year, Senior Assassin is looking very different. Seniors are required to use water guns to assassinate their targets to ensure that the game remains safe. “There are also detailed rules on how someone can make an assassination, such as it has to be done with a water gun and you cannot make physical contact with your target,” senior Meredith Prince said.

Senior Assassin during COVID-19

Isabella Ciasullo and Nandhana Nair May 12, 2021

The annual tradition Senior Assassin has faced many challenges, such as cancellations and safety issues in the past. This year, the game moderators are striving to keep Senior Assassin running as seamlessly...

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