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ICYMI: May 20 - Class of 2025 junior prom, kids night and the 2024 Met Gala
ICYMI: May 20 - Class of 2025 junior prom, kids night and the 2024 Met Gala
May 27, 2024
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Teachers in the wild: Math edition

For some Wayland High School students, teachers’ lives are a world of unknown. However, many teacher’s have exhilarating lives an unique  experiences of their own. Find out about the lives of math teachers Hannah Marton, Charlene Bishop and Michael Hopps in the second edition of WSPN’s teachers in the wild.

Hannah Marton:

Hannah Marton is a seasoned teacher as she has taught math at WHS for the past 21 years. She lives in Marlborough, with her husband and 33-year-old and 22-year-old daughters. In her day-to-day life, Marton devotes her time to a number of hobbies.

“I play clarinet and trumpet at Sudbury Valley New Horizons band,” Marton said. “It’s an adult band and we practice at Lincoln-Sudbury High School, and I practice by myself at home.”

She is committed to her world of music and supportive of her bandmates. The band includes people who have never picked up an instrument before, and people who played in high school but then stopped. The group is  directed by varying people, one of whom was former Wayland Middle School band director, Diane Muffitt.

“I was 42 when I started clarinet and 52 when I started trumpet, but my heart is in the trumpet,” Marton said. “In the band, I play both, just like a lot of other people. Our group probably has 70 to 90 of us.”

On top of her musical talents, Marton loves spending time with her family. Two of her daughters live at home with her while they pursue their own careers, and her son lives in Mexico City with his wife and daughter. Marton also enjoys cooking.

WHS Math teacher Hannah Marton sits with her granddaughter Sarita. Marton says she loves spending time with her children and grandchildren, and she enjoys knitting for them.
(Credit: Hannah Marton)

“On Saturday, I usually plant some onion seeds because we grow our own vegetables,” Marton said. “I cook dinner and my favorite food is any kind of vegetable or soup.”

Being completely vegetarian, Marton also takes pride in her garden and the vegetables she grows in it. Like the onions she nurtures, Marton has many layers to her personality and hobbies.

“I am also a knitter,” Marton said. “I knit a lot of stuff for my children and grandchild. I also go for walks and often go to a concert with my husband.”

Marton and her husband attend classical music concerts almost every Saturday. Her favorites include Newton Baroque and the Musicians of the Old Post Road. She is a family-oriented woman who enjoys listening to music with her husband and solving geography puzzles with her husband and son.

Charlene Bishop:

As some students may have guessed from her constant talk of sports in class, Bishop is quite the athletic person. Her alma mater is Fairfield University, where she played softball.

“I started off as a shortstop, but I was a little small for that,” Bishop said. “I ended up going to the outfield. I still like to exercise. I don’t run every day but I usually work out almost every day and run often.”

On top of her softball history, she participates in a running group in her town. She usually runs at 5:40 a.m., before school, and 8 a.m. on Saturdays. She says on each run there are usually five to 10 women running together.

“We call ourselves the crazies because we run all year long,” Bishop said. “So even if it’s snowing and sub-Arctic degrees, we still run outside. No matter what, we stick to our routine. We’ve trained for a lot of half marathons together, competing in them together.”

Math and computer science teacher Charlene Bishop poses with her running group, “the crazies”, and a medal from completing a half marathon. She runs almost every morning at 5:40 a.m., no matter what the weather is.

In addition to her 15 half marathons, Bishop spends her time watching sports, tutoring, relaxing outdoors and cooking.

“I like watching cooking shows at night to unwind,” Bishop said. “I watch a lot of cooking shows because they’re kind of mindless. I like to cook pasta dishes, steak dishes, whatever. I just like to cook.”

Bishop says she has a basic palate, with her favorite food simply being cheese.

“[I like] cheese of all kinds, any kind,” Bishop said. “I’ll take blocks of cheese, I’ll take a dip with cheese, any type of cheese. I like cheese sticks, I bring them to school [most days].”

If you’re ever looking to get on Bishop’s good side, your trick might be to bring her a cheese stick, offer to run in the morning and then round off the day with absolutely no shopping. She does not like the mall in any capacity.

Michael Hopps:

Math and computer science teacher Micheal Hopps is a individual of strict routine.

“I get up at 6 a.m. every morning and have breakfast and coffee with my wife,” Hopps said. “I make sure my kids are ready for school, and I live in Wayland so it’s a short ride [to WHS.]”

With a 10 minute drive over to the high school, Hopps leaves his house every morning at a prompt 7:55 a.m., giving himself an extra 30 minutes to get settled into the school day. However, his routine is looser at the end of the day.

“[The time I get home] varies based on my kids’ activities,” Hopps said. “They’re both in middle school, so things are ramping up in that department. I usually will leave [WHS] at 3:40 p.m. and will get home by 3:50. p.m.”

Hopps has perfected this routine over the years since he has been working at WHS for the past two decades.

“20 years ago, I had my first job at Winthrop High School,” Hopps said. “After one year there, I realized that I did not want to keep working there. My wife, who was my girlfriend at the time, just got a job in Waltham, so I was looking for something in the Metrowest area. I’d heard some good things about Wayland, so I applied, got the offer and took it.”

Although some students may think of Hopps just as a computer science teacher, he is an avid explorer of computer science through video games as well.

“If I have free time, I will generally try to play video games, if I can,” Hopps said. “I have a standing Dungeons and Dragons night with my friends from high school.”

Outside of gaming, Hopps enjoys the outdoors, especially staying active with his family.

Math and computer science teacher Micheal Hopps takes a selfie with his family while hiking through Nevada.

“I like running, hiking and going for bike rides, among other activities,” Hopps said.

On his recent trip with his family to Las Vegas, he went hiking with his family through the mountain ranges of Nevada.

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