The Class of 2019 celebrates Halloween

WSPN Staff

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WHS seniors dressed up in costumes on Halloween for the annual WHS tradition.

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  • Rose Kiefer and Dale Lipincott see their way to classes as two of the three blind mice

  • Seniors dressed as seniors. From left to right: Hannah Rice, Eden Vanslette, Devon Perryman.

  • Andy must be gone because Lauren Campbell, Abby Mitty, Kate Balicki and Haley Rice come alive as characters from "Toy Story"

  • Rylan Peter, Vivian Chen and Kelly Chen carry their fairy wands around school.

  • Henry Stafford sports a crown as a knight in shining armor.

  • Evan Malkin holds a mug as Three Hole Punch Jim from the Office.

  • Leon Rader spent 2 1/2 hours to create her Halloween costume.

  • Spencer Lee dresses up as Thanos from the movie Avengers: Infinity War.

  • Megean Walsh and Cory Puckett dress up in red and green "fat suits."

  • Hiro Waye, Erik Sweeney, Dean Tobia, Justin Nova and Xander Livingston prepare for a game of dodgeball as the Globo Gym Purple Cobras from the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

  • Jared Dines dresses up as a monkey along with his suit and tie.

  • Lauren Hanifin, dressed as Jasmine from "Aladdin," ditched the magic carpet for classes.

  • Renée Case dresses as a stitched-up rag doll.

  • Jake Tyska smiles before going of to a "monkey" business class.

  • Julia Nuss and Jillian Stone pose next to one another dressed as Cruella de Vil and a dalmatian.

  • Lily Tardif as one of three blind mice.

  • Sid Iyer prepares to be used on a hot dog as a bottle of spicy mustard.

  • Senior Samantha Neuman, dressed as Winnie the Poo, takes a sweet spin on Halloween.

  • Daniella Timperio, dressed as Piglet, squeals with delight.

  • In the Media Center, Annie Clarke, Emma Diilani, and Emily Hanania are far from Oz.

  • Amanda Kurtz, Sona Saju and Yana Trubestkaya dress as devils and angels.

  • (from left to right) Abaigeal Donaldson and Cate Gould walk in dressed as old ladies.

  • Senior Sophia Schroeder telemarkets her products.

  • Chris Maietta dresses as a squid.

  • Jack Crowley dressed as a skier.

  • Jack Dussault and Spencer Shock dressed as Where's Waldo and Gordon Hayward.

  • Eric Greene dressed as a rice farmer.

  • Nicole Kamala channels her inner diva.

  • Dussault and Adelman cross realms to take a photo.

  • Sam Pool gives two thumbs up after winning five Super Bowls.

  • Shane Henley shoots to be a basketball player this Halloween

  • Haley Rice and Kate Balicki have escaped the claw to come to school, dressed as aliens.

  • Eileen Chau, Vivian Chau, Olivia Dussault, Rachel Chau, Ella LaClaire, Ally Goldin, and Sarah Zhang hi-ho into school.

  • Mack Kiesman, Christina Matta, Lindsay Adelman, and Grace Karbowski are hooked on their pirate costumes.

  • Senior Anika Reichelt poses with her doppelgänger doll, Coraline.

  • Derek Horowitz and Casey Ross dress as mariachi band members.

  • The Oz characters get photobombed by an astronaut.

  • A kool take on a costume: senior Amelia Broadney dresses as the Kool-Aid Man.

  • Alexa Calder dressed as Elmo.

  • Matt Cerrato bounced into school dressed as Tigger.

  • Alex Janoff dressed as Ferris Bueller, and Nathan Zhao dressed as Russell from Up.

  • Co-editors in chief of WSPN, Nathan Zhao (Russell from Up) and Hannah Rice (old lady).

  • Anika Reichelt dressed as Coraline and Kate Gould dressed as a grandma.

  • Nate L'Esperance poses as Thor, a Marvel superhero.

  • Seniors Edmond Giang and Alex Kwan pose in a dragon dance costume which is used in a Chinese New Year tradition.

  • Nick Smith and Christian Kiernan pose as halloween and a snowboarder.

  • Olivia Tacelli is ready to blast off in her astronaut costume.

  • Myle Larsen, dressed as Bob Ross, paints tranquility over WHS.

  • Gabby Fargnoli dresses in camo.

  • Michael Maurer, Carter Vogt, and Michael Futija spread mariachi through the halls of WHS.

  • Senior Abby Obar trashes the traditional scary costume for Sesame Street's "Oscar the Grouch."

  • Lizzy Francis flutters into the Halloween spirit.

  • Alec Condry walks the halls of WHS as judge Brett Kavanuagh.

  • Evan Troost pulls inspiration from former decades. "I saw I had all of these old clothes, and was just inspired from there," Troost said.

  • Andy Wang (left) holds the Communist Manifesto as "Communist Pope" next to senior Martin Ma (right) as Sun Tzu.

  • David Hill brandishes his bat as "Baseball Jesus."

  • Ella LaClaire poses as "Sneezy."

  • Nathan Ames dresses as a doctor.

  • Anthony Huynh and Abby O'shaunessy pose as Shark Boy and Lava Girl.

  • Samantha Neuman, Daniella Timperio, Jake Horowitz, and Ben Johnson dressed as characters from the classic "Winnie the Pooh." From left to right, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore. The class of 2019 showed up to school in both group and solo costumes.

    Credit: Remmi Shaw

  • Mikel Reese as rapper 6ix9ne.

  • Clarissa Briasco-Stewart as a witch.

  • Kamala and Nadia Capasso.

  • Andrew D'Amico, Gage Fuller, Devin Wong, and Jake Tyska dressed in animal costumes this halloween.

  • Corrine Neumeyer dressed as Big Bird for Halloween.

  • Yorgos Belibasakis is dressed as a character from Fire Emblem.

  • Renee Case dresses in the homemade costume that she spent creating over the summer.

  • Lily Tardif struts in her costume, dressed as one of the "Three Blind Mice", along with Rose Kiefer and Dalé Lippincott.

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