‘The Homecoming’ is filmed at WHS (11 photos)

Hannah Rice and Kate Balicki

“The Homecoming” is a self-funded film produced by former WHS alumnus Andrew Pilkington. The film is about a football star who loves to dance and falls in love at a dance camp. The film crew visited WHS on Friday, March 22 to film a locker room scene. The film has been in progress for about two years now and is expected to be complete in June or July of 2019.

“The bigger message of it is to celebrate disability culture and to show the world what they are missing. Not only is there a lot of talent out there, but including people with disabilities in film adds a dimension of creativity and joy,” co-executive producer Will Halby said. “It is an aspect of diversity that is all too often ignored. Instead of telling everyone what they should be doing, we decided why don’t we do it ourselves and show the world.”

For more information on the film, click this link: https://vimeo.com/277504677