Football home opener set for tonight

Football home opener set for tonight

Evan Barber

As the nights begin earlier and the leaves begin to fall, the Friday night ritual begins as well. Every Friday night, whether you’re in 4th grade or a parent of a player, you’re at the game. Whether the Warriors are 0-6 or 6-0, the stadium is still packed tight. That’s the feeling of Wayland Football.

For Wayland Football there really is no place like home. “To play in front of a packed house is fun for the kids, the coaches, it’s the whole atmosphere. We look forward to coming home Thursday night,” said Coach Scott Parseghian of the home field advantage. “We’re excited to be home and hopefully put on a good show.”

That’s something Wayland fans are starving for. This past season marked the first time since 2005 that the Warriors failed to win a Dual County League (DCL) title, missing the playoffs. So what is there to expect this year? “We feel pretty confident going in with the skill guys. We’ve got some weapons out there,”added Parseghian.

The 2008 team was young, but the Warriors bring back six offensive starters and eight defensive starters this year who all want to win badly. “Their dedication in the off-season has been higher than any team I’ve coached,” said Parseghian. Since the end of last year’s spring season the team has been going through conditioning drills and have hit the weight room almost every day leading up to the August 24th departure for Camp Caribou.

Former Miami Hurricane and current Warriors’ wide receiver coach Coach Zelner has taken up the strength and conditioning coach position. “He conditions us harder than ever. I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life,” said senior captain Jon Bryant. But Parseghian credits his team, saying their strength comes more from within. “They set their goals, and Coach Z is just following through to help them reach their goals,” he explained.

Wayland Football returns home tonight as the Warriors face DCL opponents Newton South. The home opener is also the Warriors’ first league game. Looking to get back on track after opening the season with a loss last Friday, they are a team ready to ride the road to Gillette. “This is my last year playing football, so I want to go out strong. I mean we’ve been talking about how good this class is since we were freshmen,” exclaimed Bryant. “I’m excited!”