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Wayland Student Press

In the latest installment of ABC, American Born Chinese, reporter Jonathan Zhang talks about the importance of Chinese New Year and what it means to Chinese students.

ABC: Chinese New Year

Jonathan Zhang February 12, 2021

New Years feels like it was a while ago, doesn’t it? But for many Chinese students and the most populated country in the world, New Years is right around the corner. This is a time bursting with ornate...

In the latest installment of ABC: American Born Chinese, reporter Jonathan Zhang responds to a comment made on a prior article.

ABC: My response, heart to heart

Jonathan Zhang December 14, 2020

To the person who commented “this is child abuse” on one of my articles about controlling parents, Let’s talk. What is child abuse anyway? Well, it’s something outside of the child’s control,...

In the latest installment of ABC: American Born Chinese, reporter Jonathan Zhang advocates for parents to stop forcing their kids to play an instrument.

ABC: Ardente to Success, Con Forza to Failure

Jonathan Zhang November 23, 2020

Music is something that is felt and heard. It is something that tugs at the heartstrings of others, drawing out emotions of happiness and serenity. But if in the process of creating or performing a masterpiece,...

In the latest installment of ABC: American Born Chinese reporter Jonathan Zhang analyzes the importance of visiting China for one's identity.

ABC: American or Chinese?

Jonathan Zhang November 16, 2020

As a Chinese-American, there are times when I wonder which of my two nationalities I really am. When I’m at home, I feel like I’m Chinese: I speak Chinese, eat Chinese food, celebrate Chinese holidays...

In the latest installment of ABC: American Born Chinese, reporter Jonathan Zhang analyzes how effective a controlling parenting style can be.

ABC: The cons of controlling parents

Jonathan Zhang November 9, 2020

From a young age, my desk and home have felt like a prison. Even house arrest couldn’t possibly be this bad, I once thought to myself. I can still remember those afternoons after school, weekends and...

In the first installment of ABC: American Born Chinese, reporter Jonathan Zhang reflects on how his mentality towards grades as an ABC has changed.

ABC: “B-sians” need to proudly accept who they are

Jonathan Zhang October 31, 2020

“Grades are back.” My heart starts racing, beads of sweat start to gather on my forehead and my hands suddenly feel as if I’ve soaked them in a pool of oil. It’s amazing how just a few words...

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