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  • October 16Wayland High School to offer free lunches for all students for the entire 2021-2022 school year
The student news site of Wayland High School

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The student news site of Wayland High School

Wayland Student Press

The student news site of Wayland High School

Wayland Student Press

Bede is surrounded by teammates as he celebrates his goal. Following the move, Bede has adjusted quickly to the new culture that surrounds him. All the guys are great, Bede said. Its really fun to play with players [of their] talent.

Going all in: Daniel Bede’s journey to the Revolution Youth Academy

Dante Coppola November 8, 2021

For many athletes, especially those serious about their sport, their dreams revolve around playing at the next level. Some even have aspirations of making it to the very top. For senior soccer player Daniel...

Senior Grace Stephenson as a ghoul-scout when she was in elementary school. Stephenson has always loved Halloween and creating homemade costumes. I like the spooky season, Stephenson said. I think my mom and I get competitive about it. Not against each other, but we want to make a good costume. We want to be the best.

Grace Stephenson: “We want to make a good costume. We want it to be the best.”

Joanna Barrow November 5, 2021

Since the age of six months old, senior Grace Stephenson has sported elaborate, handmade costumes for Halloween. The work begins over the summer, when Stephenson and her mom Fiona Stephenson brainstorm...

Hannah Gordon: Volunteering is a Great Way to Help Others

Hannah Gordon: Volunteering is a Great Way to Help Others

Jacqueline Cahaly November 3, 2021

In this podcast, co-broadcast editor Jackie Cahaly interviews WHS junior Hannah Gordon about her experience volunteering. Gordon has worked both locally and abroad, including a service trip to Costa Rica...

Doug Curtin: Its great to see kids break records and have success

Doug Curtin: It’s great to see kids break records and have success

Deirdre Brown November 1, 2021

In this podcast, co-broadcast editor Deirdre Brown interviews former WHS swimmer and record holder Doug Curtin about his journey throughout his swim career. Curtin currently coaches for both Wellesley...

Junior Alexina McQuilkin hopes to help local businesses as they fight through the struggles of the pandemic. McQuilkin came up with the idea of using an app to help promote local businesses. “I knew nothing about business or apps, but I was pretty passionate about this idea and I also had so much free time because of [COVID-19],” McQuilkin said. “I decided to see where this idea could go.”

Alexina McQuilkin: “COVID-19 has severely hurt small businesses and they need our help”

Tess Alongi October 25, 2021

When COVID-19 hit in the spring of 2020, many students’ once busy days were left empty. Current junior, Alexina McQuilkin found herself in said situation. McQuilkin, a three-sport athlete who is not...

Annie Long update: 50k to 360k

Annie Long update: 50k to 360k

Isabella Ciasullo and Bryn Curtin June 16, 2021

Freshman Annie Long provides insight on the evolution of her Youtube channel and obstacles she faces in production. She touches on the reactions she receives from community members and her subscribers....

Sophomore Grace Marto poses with her thrifted clothes that she gathered for her non-profit business Clothes for Campers. “I started clothes for campers for the camp I go to, Camp Burgess & Hayward. Im CITing there for a month this summer, and part of my responsibility is to raise money for camp.”

Grace Marto: Raising money for kids to go to camp

Nandhana Nair and Alexina McQuilkin June 16, 2021

While many students usually donate or throw out their old clothes, sophomore Grace Marto came up with the idea of “Clothes for Campers” in December 2020. At this time, Marto also applied for the Counselor-In-Training...

Sophomore Declan Murphy explains the expectations and rules of his program to his WHAM tutors through their mandatory orientation Zoom call. Weeks later he was able to start pairing these tutors with middle school students so the tutoring could begin. “Seventy people from the high school were signed up to be a tutor,” Murphy said.

WHAM: The students become the teachers

Jessica Feist and Sophia Oppenheim June 10, 2021

Sophomore Declan Murphy took on the role of a leader, teacher and philanthropist when he started his new tutoring program: WHAM (Wayland High school Academic Mentors), a free tutoring program where WHS...

Sophomore Serena Field gives a speech to her fellow students at her eighth-grade graduation ceremony. We were constantly forced to look at our relationships with each other and hold each other accountable, Field said.

Serena Field: “Creating my own school taught me that kids can love academics.”

As a child, sophomore Serena Field had a love for learning and the outdoors. With the help of her parents and a few other families, Field was able to channel these interests through creating an alternative-learning...

Sophomore Prash Subbiah, pictured left, readies himself for a critical point during a fencing bout. Subbiah is a veteran fencer, but he continues to strive for excellence in his sport. Although I feel good about my skill level, I am always trying to push myself to take it to the next level, Subbiah said.  The thing that really motivates me is the knowledge that there will always be so much room to improve and better my fencing.

Prash Subbiah: I can see myself continuing with fencing for a lifetime

Gabriel Likerman and Michael Nechipurenko May 28, 2021

Sophomore Prash Subbiah ducks and weaves, desperately trying to avoid the sword of his opponent whilst attempting to deal a blow of his own. After a frantic lunge, Subbiah flicks his wrist, thrusting the...

Senior Zach Marto smiles near one of his customers cars. Since he started Marto’s Mobile Car Care, his business services have expanded greatly. “It started out strictly as only washing cars and it was just me at the beginning,” Marto said. “It eventually evolved into where it is today where we do detailing services, waxing services, and we go on the inside of the cars.

Zach Marto: It’s been nice to see we are a business the community recognizes as reputable and reliable

Emily Roberge and Bryn Curtin May 18, 2021

Senior Zach Marto started his mobile detailing business, “Marto’s Mobile Car Care,” just over a year ago to provide members of the community with the same quality level of detailing as that of a...

This three-canvas painting pictured is original painting by junior Sophie Ellenbogen. The final piece came after 10 hours of tedious work, but was spread out over the course of a few days. Ellenbogen wanted to practice working on more detailed pieces, so she decided to paint a close-up of a girl’s face. “This is one of my favorite pieces because of all the detail and different parts to it. It was hard to keep the canvases all lined up but I’m very happy with the results,” Ellenbogen said.

Sophie Ellenbogen: I enjoy painting because it is something different in my everyday activities

Emily Staiti April 19, 2021

Artistic talent doesn’t come to everyone, but it comes naturally to junior Sophie Ellenbogen. She may be more well-known for her impact on the soccer and lacrosse fields, but she has a talented creative...

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