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Lily Yu: Art conveys emotion

Sophomore Lily Yu creates a drawing of an old woman. Yu won a National Gold Medal from Scholastic for this piece. “I think art is a lot like music because it makes up for the shortcomings that every language has,

Eliya Howard-Delman

June 16, 2020

Sophomore Lily Yu discovered her passion for art in kindergarten when she first started to draw. The freedom of expression that art gives to a person initially pulled her in. Yu has traditionally done art recreationally, but she decided to become serious about it when she started working with her first...

Gina Cournoyer: Cheer is so much more than what happens on the mat

After team dinner, Rocket Cheer head coach Gina Cournoyer (middle of top row) surprises her athletes as they prepare to compete at the Superbowl of all-star cheerleading, the World Championship.

Kaitlyn Mabe

May 21, 2020

Almost everyone has had a role model, mentor or someone that inspires them in some aspect of their life. Coaches, throughout their careers in athletics, take on the biggest role in pushing the development of their athletes, not only to perform better in their sport, but also to become an overall better...

Silvija Grava: Animals are equals

Sophomore Silvija Grava feeds Jay the horse in Kanab, Utah.

Lindsey Brown

May 12, 2020

While many WHS students have pets at home that they love, sophomore Silvija Grava has a passion for all animals. Grava volunteers weekly at a local animal shelter, travels to animal sanctuaries around the country and eats as a vegan, all for the love of animals. “My first experience [with animals]...

Jason Shu: Another set toward success

Sophomore Jason Shu watches an ongoing meet before it’s his turn to race.

Jonathan Zhang

April 30, 2020

For sophomore Jason Shu, swimming is more than just a sport. It’s a safe haven from the challenges of school, and something that keeps him going. Although Shu was recently crowned fastest sophomore in the breaststroke event at the Massachusetts state meet, he was not always the strongest swimmer, and...

Taylor Hsu: Tennis helps me learn to treat everyone equally

A volunteer who works with the organization ACEing Autism helps a little girl hold a tennis racket. ACEing Autism is an organization that was started to help kids with autism learn how to play tennis and there are many volunteers that help out.

Sammy Johnson

April 14, 2020

Many high school kids at this age can have trouble finding a job they enjoy that pays well. For sophomore Taylor Hsu, this isn’t the case. For the past two years, Hsu has been working at the local Longfellow Tennis and Health Club. At Longfellow, he works with and teaches kids with autism how to play...

Ligiah Villalobos: Open up yourself to the possibilities of what your life can be

Ligiah Villalobos is a Latina writer and producer, and she is pictured above next to famous actor Eugenio Derbez who starred in her film

Meredith Prince and Allie Nunn

April 2, 2020

From a young age, famous Latina producer and writer Ligiah Villalobos knew that the arts and entertainment industry failed to tell the true stories of the Latino community. After studying dance and cultural geography in college, Villalobos dreamed of sharing the stories of her native community. Since...

Hannah Marton: I cannot imagine not playing an instrument

Math teacher and local aspiring musician Hannah Marton smiles for the camera. “I didn’t know what instrument to choose, so I asked Mr. O ‘what should I play? He said, ‘Smile at me. You have an overbite. Play the clarinet,’ and that’s how I ended up with the clarinet,

Alyssa Dickstein

March 25, 2020

For as long as she could remember, math teacher Hannah Marton wanted to play an instrument. When retired WMS band director Diane Muffitt started a band for adults who had never played an instrument or wanted to return to their instruments after a long hiatus, she jumped at the opportunity. “Ms....

Hartley Peck: we [are] able to just go on stage and have the time of our lives

Peck bends her back leg into an attitude as she preforms her solo on the competition stage. “My favorite thing about competitive dance is that you get a lot of adrenaline in the moment because it’s so high pressure, but also really fun,” Peck said. Peck is dances with both Window Dance Ensemble and Broadway Bound Dance Center.

Jessica Reilly

February 27, 2020

While many Wayland students might be familiar with junior Hartley Peck from her performances with the Window Dance Ensemble, Peck’s dancing extends far beyond the WHS theater. Peck dances at the competitive level with Broadway Bound Dance Center(BBDC), in Natick, MA. She is well rounded by her experience...

Ben Carpenter: The trail to the 2026 Olympics

Carpenter makes high speed arcing turns as he races through the run for gold. “I decided to leave WHS because, through one of my best mates, I was able to find a school which specializes in the sport I wanted to pursue, snowboarding,” Ben Carpenter said. “It wasn’t the easiest decision to make because it meant leaving everything I had ever known and then moving to a place I had only been once before.”

Allie Nunn

February 24, 2020

As he nears the frosted drop-off, the snowboarder finalizes the adjustments to his board and fixes goggles to his eyes. Seconds later, he plows down the mountain, gliding on the snow as he races to the bottom. Former WHS student Ben Carpenter, who is now a junior at Steamboat Mountain School in Colorado,...

Lilli Tobe: Drumming is always going to be something I do.

Sophomore Lilli Tobe practices in the band room at WHS. Tobe has been playing percussion instruments since 5th grade and now plays in multiple musical groups, as well as doing gigs on the side.

Joanna Barrow

February 20, 2020

Like some high school students, sophomore Lilli Tobe participates in the school band. She’s a percussionist, which means she has expertise in instruments ranging from the glockenspiel, to the timpani, triangle, snare drums, drum set and all auxiliary instruments. This wide range of ability is enough...

Madeline Maurer: Theater is a great way to learn empathy

Junior Madeline Maurer has recently switched from acting to stage management, a different yet essential role in the theater. She will, however, continue to act periodically as well. “In my experience, theater is a great way to learn empathy skills, and it’s a great way to create friendships,” Maurer said. “I think bringing theater to that population would help a lot with a lot of different aspects of their life if not just to give them a hobby to do.”

Julia Callini

February 3, 2020

The red velvet curtains roll back on the WHS main stage, and the lights grow brighter. An actress croons the first line of the musical, then the band strikes up a tune. Behind the action onstage, junior Madeline Maurer sits in the sound booth, making every light, sound and curtain call during the show. “The...

Tony Pilla: I do it for the kids

Longtime Wayland custodian Tony Pilla does more than just meets the eye. What makes the job worth it for him is

Remmi Shaw

January 13, 2020

While students zip their bags and close their binders, highly anticipating the bell ring at 3:10 p.m., one unsung hero is just starting off the work day. Custodian Tony Pilla is one of the most well-known faces who walk the halls after hours. He can be found listening to music in the Commons at night,...

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