50 ways to de-stress before midterms

Midterms are fast approaching, and in the following days, many students will find themselves overwhelmed with stress. These tips and techniques are designed to prevent you from pulling your hair out.

49.Turn your phone off.
48.Take a walk.
47.Listen to music.
46.Talk to your friends.
45.Put on sweatpants.
44.Laugh as much as you breathe.
43.Figure out your priorities.
42.Eat comfort food.
41.Stay hydrated.
40.Bake something yummy.
39.Watch a funny movie.
37.Talk to your guidance counselor.
36.Go ice skating.
35.Drink hot chocolate.
34.Take a nap.
33.Read your favorite book.
32.Open the window.
31.Take a hot bath.
30.Smile at everyone you see.
29.Turn off the lights, and light scented candles.
28.Have a snowball fight.
27.Cry. Don't bottle up your emotions. Let it out!
26.Eat chocolate.
24.Do yoga.
23.Dance alone in your room to your favorite music.
22.Roast marshmallows over your stove.
21.Snuggle with your pet (or someone else's pet).
20.Hug your friends.
19.Hypnotize yourself.
18.Get a massage.
17.Don't obsess over things you can't control.
16.Vent to your friends.
15.Write down everything you're worried about.
14.Punch a pillow.
13.Spend time in nature.
12.Sit in a sauna.
11.Talk to your teachers.
10.Sit in front of a lighted fireplace.
9.Drink warm milk with honey.
7.Watch the sunset.
6.Turn off your social media connections.
5.Manage your time, so you won't procrastinate.
4.Give yourself a facial.
3.Go to bed early.
2.Look at pictures of cute animals.
1.Take a deep breath.
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