Students voice opinions on 2013 Super Bowl



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WSPN caught up with students to ask about their opinions on the 47th Super Bowl.

Tommy Hunley

"I thought Beyoncé’s performance was really elegant, and I thought the kickoff return at the start of the second half was the turning point of the game. Jim Harbaugh should have been smarter with his timeouts. A timeout is worth more than five yards as you could see at the end of the game."

Zoe Jacobson

"The Super Bowl was fine. I’m not that into football but my family is, so I just watched it with them."

Ben Slater

"There was quite a large turning point in the game when the lights went out. [The blackout] allowed the 49ers to come back in the game."

Julia Lavenson

"I didn’t watch it, and I don’t even know who won."

Nick Constantine

"I was disappointed that the 49ers didn’t pull it off, but the halftime show made it worthwhile."

Valeska von Wickede

"My first Super Bowl was very interesting, and I enjoyed Beyoncé’s performance."

Scott Carvalho

"I thought the Super Bowl was very exciting. The power outage was definitely weird, and you don’t see that very often in the other Super Bowls. I thought the game was very exciting. It went back and forth. The Ravens took a big lead in the beginning, and the 49ers fought back and did a really good job at the end. But Ray Lewis and those guys pulled out the win."

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