Blocked drains cause flood in math wing (17 photos)

Students typically find refuge from pelting rain as they enter the North or South building after rushing across the courtyard. But Wednesday morning, water followed students inside the math wing, which is located in the South building.

The snow outside the school blocked the front and back outdoor drains, causing the two stairwells in the math wing to flood with between one and two inches of water. As of noon, the front drain was cleared of snow, allowing water to flow back outside.

The back drain has yet to be located. Custodians are searching for the drain by digging through slush. The door leading outside that is closest to the back mathematics stairwell was barricaded with sandbags to prevent further water from entering the building.

“The water table is very high, so when it rains, it’s critical that the water can drain away easily so that [flooding] doesn’t happen over and over again,” physics teacher Kenneth Rideout said.

The water table is the point when the ground is saturated with water and cannot allow any further absorption.

Afternoon classes typically held in B138 and B140 were relocated due to the flooding. Chairs and desks also had to be removed from B138 in order for custodians to vacuum the water.

As soon as the back drain is located, the flooding issue should be resolved and classes will be able to resume in B138 and B140.

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  • avatar Mrs. Manning

    Mrs. Manning's classes will probably be relocated on Thursday. See the sign posted outside the math office for your new class location.

  • Great breaking news coverage WSPN, thanks for the update!

  • avatar A college kid

    Life in the small town…

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