Community offers opinions on successful Senior Shows



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In-Depth Report

WSPN caught up with WHS community members to discuss past Seniors Shows and what makes a Senior Show successful.

Jameson Hunt

“I think humor that is relevant to the school is good although sometimes teachers may not agree with it.”

Maddy Schwartz

“I like it when the jokes are funny, maybe even a little controversial, but true.”

Kathleen Barrow

“I think it’s good when there are new jokes every year that us as students can relate to.”

Ben Cerrato

“I like the dancing. The boys and girls' dances make it a good Senior Show. Last year, I liked the 'Stuff Freshmen Say’ video, and I also liked the North Wayland moms book club skit.”

Ashley Shuman

“References to everyday student life at Wayland High School make a good show. Last year, I liked how they incorporated Siri into the show because it was relevant to current students’ lives.”

Josh O’Neil

“Everything the administration doesn’t allow will make a great Senior Show.”

Eva Urban

History teacher
“I think a good attitude is needed. If you walk in with a fun, fresh attitude, it’ll be a good Senior Show.”

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