Teachers take part in flash mob during first lunch

A group of WHS teachers surprised students in the Commons by dancing in a flash mob during first lunch on Wednesday, May 22. The teachers who performed were Caroline Meliones, Jill Swenson, Kathleen Thompson, Nancy Flórez, Sarah Fowks, Judith Pickett, Erin Dalbec, Mary Barber, Corrine Lowen, Jennifer McGuinn, Heidi Friedlander and Jessica Imbornone.

The teachers danced to “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore with a routine choreographed by junior Sydney Schaefer and senior Nina Price.

Barber originally thought of the idea of doing a flash mob.

“We enjoyed it, and we think the students did too… I think the students enjoy seeing their teachers in a different light,” Imbornone said. “Sometimes it is fun to just act silly and to not take everything so seriously.”

The teachers also performed this dance during the Student/Staff Talent Show on the evening of Tuesday, May 21 along with vice principal Allyson Mizoguchi and science teacher Kristin Wheeler.

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