Students discuss staying in shape over the summer



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Jimmy Cope

"I’m probably going to run and lift weights."

Molly Pierce

"I like to swim and run, and I sometimes participate in triathlons and road races."

Mindy Lou

"I swim at Shawmut Aquatic Club, and it goes from March and it ends in August. I train five days a week. I run sometimes, but usually I get lazy."

John Cocce

"I go for runs a lot, especially on the beach. I usually run two to three times a week at least, for at least thirty minutes. I also ride my bike."

Kathleen Burns

"I go to camps that are specific to the sports I play. So, for field hockey, I go to a camp where we just play all day long, and I do the same for diving where we get hours of practice that help us get back into the shape and conditioning we need for the sport."

Stefi Geiger

"I swim a lot on a swim team. I do soccer training and soccer camps to get ready for pre-season, and I bike a lot because there's nice weather."

Tommy Drews

"I try to urg to stay in shape for crew when I have free time. But other than that, when I’m at the beach and I don’t have the urg, I’ll run or bike and sometimes kayak to get ready for the next season."

Josh O'Neil

"Over the summer, I go for runs along the beach and through my neighborhood. I play tennis to stay in shape because a fit body is a fit mind."

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