Artist of the Month: Kaya Oleson

Junior art student Kaya Oleson has had a passion for art from a young age. Oleson is currently enrolled in WHS’ Honors Art 3 course. Oleson’s passion for art spurred from her father’s love for music and has been growing in both quantity and technique over the years.

Credit: Kaya Oleson

How were you introduced to art?
“From a young age, it’s been a very important part of my household and my father is very into music. I’ve always enjoyed drawing ever since I was young.”

Over the years, how have you progressed as an artist?
“A lot of my progression has been due to a competitive urge to improve. Only recently have I been more inclined to improve my art based on enjoying it. It’s been a healing process, my relationship with my art, but I like it more than ever”

How have the WHS art classes impacted you as an artist?
“It’s given me a space to express my skills and decompress through my school day. I’m able to express my skills in a directed manner through projects and assignments. I really appreciated the flexibly I’ve had though as I’ve progressed through the standard art classes”

What is your favorite medium to use?
“I’m a fan of graphite sketches. I also really like oil pastels.”

What is your favorite art piece you’ve made and why?
“It’s hard to say that I have a favorite but I think that my most recent gouache painting and paper-cut project in school have been favorites of mine. They’ve shown my progression as an artist well.”

Do you have any future plans for your art?
“I’d like to continue art as a hobby mostly.”