Top 10 Things to Do over Quarantine


Credit: Courtesy of Flickr user Petra Wessman

WSPN’s Gabe Likerman talked to several students who battled COVID-19. Here are their quarantine recommendations.

With COVID-19’s omicron variant upon us, many Wayland students spent December break and the following school week in quarantine. Additionally, people are constantly being pulled out of school due to being contact traced or testing positive. Based on the experiences of a few students in quarantine from Wayland High School, here are the top 10 things you can do while stuck at home.

Video games:

Video games are a classic “bored-at-home” activity to take part in. It is a great way to connect with your friends virtually and is very fun. You can talk to your friends on the gaming console, and it makes for a great time. You can also play a game with your friends and this is a great way to interact with them from a distance.

Cleaning your room:

With COVID-19 leaving you with limited options, some students decided to get productive and clean their room. This allows you to feel good about yourself while in isolation because you know that you did something productive.


TikTok is a social media app that has creators who post short videos that keep the public eye entertained for what could be hours at a time. When you’re in isolation, you are looking for any way to get entertained, and TikTok provides this for you. Students in isolation also added that their screen time increased dramatically during quarantine.


This is also another way to communicate with your friends while in quarantine. FaceTime allows you to have as close to a real conversation as possible. Everyone in the FaceTime can see everyone else’s faces, making for a conversation that is similar to one you would have in person.

Playing an instrument:

Many students decided to perfect their craft and practice playing an instrument. A couple students said they have keyboards in their room that they played during their time in isolation. They learned new songs and had fun while doing it.


Believe it or not, sometimes a good book is all you need. Your imagination thrives and reaches new levels, which is good for releasing dopamine. The most common book read during quarantine here at WHS is “The Book of Unknown Americans,” a fiction novel being read by the junior class in some of their English classes.

Listening to music:

Listening to music is always a relaxing activity. Music helps most students focus or just relax, which they have plenty of time to do. There is always a time for music in the day, and several students noted that they loved listening to music during their quarantine period.


When you’re quarantined and not doing anything very active, getting tired comes easy. Sleeping is a great way to pass the time and regain some energy.

Watching movies/shows:

Whether it was on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max or Amazon Prime, watching movies or shows was something the majority of people did while in quarantine. One of the top shows named by students was Cobra Kai, a show that just released a new season during December break.

Going outside:

Although most stay in their room all day once they are diagnosed with coronavirus, some students had access to their backyard and took walks on their street. Getting outside is very good for you, but it is especially beneficial when you are indoors for longer than usual.

Quarantine is all about being safe and protecting others from the virus. If you ever get stuck in isolation, these are some ideas for you to stay engaged and have a decent time.