Artist of the Month: Skylar Gould


Credit: Skylar Gould

In this piece, senior Skylar Gould showcases a step-by-step from when she wakes up to when she leaves for school. Gould’s inspiration for this piece was her own morning routine.

Senior Skylar Gould was introduced to art at a young age due to her mother’s passion for it. She has taken many different types of art classes in her WHS career, such as ceramics and embroidery. Gould is currently a student in the AP art course, and it gives her a space to expand creatively and create art that reflects her life on paper.

Below is a Q/A with Gould about her passion for art.

How were you introduced to art?
“My mom has been doing art almost her whole life, so growing up it was very important that I was taking art class and trying out art stuff. Once I got to high school I was like ‘oh take an art class,’ and I’ve been doing it for four years. It’s been really fun, and I’ve learned a lot. The art teachers are fantastic and super helpful.”

Over the years, how have you progressed as an artist?
“Yes, I think I’ve definitely improved and found my own style. A lot of the time, I thought my art wasn’t as good as the rest of the class. But this year in AP art I’ve found that doing your own thing is extremely important, you need to find your niche.”

How have the WHS art classes impacted you as an artist?
“I think that the classes have just given me my own space to try everything and experiment. I’ve taken four years of regular art class, I’ve also taken ceramics, because I’ve never even done anything like that before, and an embroidery class. The WHS art program is a really good place to try things out.”

What is your favorite medium to use?
“Oh wow, that is such a good question. Geez, there are so many good ones. I honestly have no idea, I love printmaking; printing with linoleum. I also really love doing collages, specifically magazine collages. With magazines you can create a variety of things, which is a big plus.”

What is your favorite art piece you’ve made and why?
“That is also so difficult to answer. I’m the most proud of my morning routine piece. I did it with acrylic paint which I haven’t used since I was like six years old. It was so alien to me. I just went with the flow, and I’m really proud with how it turned out.”

Do you have any future plans for your art?
“Yeah, I’m really hoping to either do a minor or double major in college. It’s important for me to keep doing it and keep finding ways to keep doing it since it means so much to me.”