Fashionista of the Month: March

Ari Zukerman

Credit: Courtesy of Charmaine Guo

Name: Charmaine Guo

Grade: Sophomore

Favorite store: “Garment District, it’s a thrift store in Cambridge, and I love shopping there. I love the ‘By the Pound’ section, it’s fun to go through all the clothing.”

Online shopping or in-store: “I like online shopping to preview, but I’d rather go in-store to actually buy it.”

Fashion icon: “I don’t have any specific fashion icons I like, I mainly just look at random websites like Instagram [or] Pinterest, but no one in particular.”

Outfit: “This outfit I made, I’ve been trying to make more of my own clothes. It’s better for my wallet.”

Favorite season: “I like spring, it’s not quite hot, and there’s some wind but it’s not cold either, you can put on layers but you don’t have to.”

Design time: “The night before, I go into my closet, stare at my clothes and think.”

Favorite article of clothing: “My green jacket that I thrifted and originally thought was ugly, but it’s actually the warmest thing ever and pairs well with everything.”

Style word: “Home-made. I’m trying to make and refashion [items from my closet] as much as possible. I’ve been trying to make items that can be paired with things already in my closet, but I don’t really like making shirts as my style is very poofy and springy, so blouses are more of that style, but blouses are still hard to make.”

Fashion-challenged advice: “Do a lot of layers, look at colors that go together and layer, layer, layer. This definitely works better for winter and fall, but for spring and summer, accessories count as layering. You want to make your outfit really complex yet pulled together so that it has a cohesive theme. ”

What does fashion mean to you: “Fashion is a way to express myself. I choose beauty over comfort, and while it isn’t a good idea on cold days, it shows my emotions and personality.”

Credit: Courtesy of Michael Eberle

Name: Michael Eberle

Grade: Sophomore

Favorite store: “Vineyard Vines, mainly because of their cool designs, and the fact that they make dressy stuff which I like to wear.”

Online shopping or in-store: “Online, it’s just easier, and you can find anything you’re looking for.”

Fashion icon: “Harry Styles as I know him, he’s male, and he has really good fashion sense.”

Outfit: “The bow tie and shirt are from Vineyard Vines, jeans are Hugo Boss, sweater is from Zara and shoes are from Clark’s collection.”

Favorite season: “Fall. School is beginning, and it is cool enough to wear ‘drip.’”

Design time: “I usually pick out my clothes in the morning purely for the ease, and I need the clothes to go places.”

Favorite article of clothing: “I like my sweater a lot, it adds to the shirt well and complements it well. ”

Style word: “Reserved because I like to dress pretty formally and not in a way that wouldn’t fit at a big event.”

What does fashion mean to you: “Fashion to me just means having good taste and dressing in a way that makes you happy.”

Fashion-challenged advice: “Choose stuff that you are comfortable in and that makes your emotions more positive without thinking how others will judge you.”