It’s crucial for the United States to support Ukraine with more soldiers

Bella Schreiber

“This is about more than just Russia and Ukraine,” United States President Joe Biden said.

As blood continues to spill in Ukraine, Biden responds with medical aid and a promise to protect other NATO countries. But what about the country that has been put in the middle of this tough situation? What about Ukraine?

An unasked question hums through the air, itching at anyone who’s willing to say it out loud. Why isn’t the United States, or any country–especially those part of NATO–sending in more soldiers to fight alongside Ukraine?

It is no secret that without a little more help, Ukraine most likely won’t end up winning this fight. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has spoken many times to other world leaders practically begging for them to implement a no-fly zone in Ukraine or send more troops to help.

A no-fly zone, which no other countries seem to want to implement, would help Ukrainians feel a little more safe in their homes. It means that there are certain areas in the sky where if any aircraft tries to fly through – specifically armed ones – the army must immediately shoot it out of the sky. The only issue with a no-fly zone is that it appears that whatever country is shooting Russian aircrafts is also asking to fully join the war, meaning there is a good chance the war would amp up to a new level.

I think the best move would be to send more soldiers to help out on the ground and leave out the no-fly zone. Entering the war and immediately implementing a no-fly zone would most likely escalate things to a new level. The goal is not to obliterate Russia, it is just to stop them from taking over. Ukraine simply needs a few more hands and a few more guns to help out.

Ukraine has such a small number of soldiers that the government has turned to ordinary civilians. They have used not only their strength, but also their smarts, to hold back Russia. Street signs have been switched and turned around, people have learned how to make Molotov cocktails and they are getting a hold on any weapons they possibly can.

Why is it that everyday people, the same as you and me, have been fighting so hard for so long, and we can’t even lend them a few more people? We can provide an experienced and trained army that can really keep people safe. With both parties working together, I truly think we can end this war.

Although I think they could be doing more, I am happy to say that the U.S. has not been completely silent in their response. We have sent medical aid and weapons to assist, even if we are hesitant to send our people. It is also notable that the U.S. have stopped sending and receiving sensitive technology that helps with Russia’s military. On top of that, many banks and specific bank accounts have been frozen in order to stop Russians from accessing U.S. money. This means that Russian workers have been getting paid less, and Putin is unable to touch his money placed in U.S. banks or in any major Russian banks like Sberbank, VTB Bank and more.

Unfortunately, no amount of money could make up for the mass amounts of lives being taken from both sides. There are speculations of almost 1,000 deaths and even more injuries rising on just the Ukraine side. The war inching on with no end in sight is bad for everyone, as casualties are climbing and climbing.

If the U.S. just provided Ukraine with more military help and soldiers, maybe it would end faster. The concern of escalating the war is very valid, but as human beings we can’t see a death toll of more than 1,000 between both sides and not offer anything else to help.

Understandably, there have been sizeable amounts of rumors and concern due to the fact that people fear if the U.S. or other NATO countries get involved, it could escalate into a World War III or lead to the use of nuclear bombs. I want to clarify that just because we should get more involved, doesn’t mean we should be using nuclear bombs or doing anything to cause that much devastation in Russia.

Another important part of this is that we still don’t fully understand Putin. Personally, I think even if he gets control of Ukraine again, he won’t just stop there. He will plow through as many of Russia’s neighbors as possible until he physically doesn’t have any troops left.

We should not only be concerned about the fate of Russia, but in a sense, the whole world. Putin is an extremely power-hungry man which has been demonstrated on multiple different occasions. He has attempted to take over Ukraine and is advocating that many of his neighbors should not be part of NATO, most likely because he wants to take them over eventually.

It’s salient that we measure each of our next moves carefully as we don’t want to hurt Russian civilians either. Although we are frustrated with Russia’s actions, we must remind ourselves that this is not the Russian civilians fault, it is Putin’s. Russians are also being put at risk, and unfortunately for them, it is extremely difficult to express concern with the government or leave Russia without being hurt or killed before making it out.

I urge everyone to continue to be an activist and fight for what you believe in. Ukrainians need us more than ever right now and it’s our job to help. Speak out for what you believe in, donate to funds and keep educating yourself on the ongoing conflicts. It’s crucial that we all chip in and do our part to end this war.