What you need to know about the annual Wayland Town Meeting


The Annual Wayland Town Meeting is a meeting where residents vote on 32 important matters in our town. The meeting will take place on Saturday, May 14 at Wayland High School.

Wayland will have their annual on Saturday, May 14, 2022. The meeting will be held at the Wayland High School Turf.

There are 32 articles that will be voted on at this meeting, but below are the three most important ones for Wayland residents.

Article 21. Council on Aging and Community Center Construction

Proposed by: Select Board

This article will determine whether or not the town will raise $11,000,000 for the creation of a new Wayland Council on Aging and Community Center. This is proposed to have a location at the parcels of land on and around Boston Post Road and Andrew Avenue. The steps for the construction of this proposal is shown in a 2015 plan prepared by the Town Surveyor. The areas from which money can be taken to fund this project is presented as an option between taxation and the reappropriation of existing funds. Some arguments in favor of this article are the need for an area in which the community can gather and youth activities can be held, as well as a much-needed place for the growing senior population in Wayland. Additionally, it will provide a previously unavailable space for residents to have personal confidential meetings and storage spaces. An argument against this article includes the fact that the town’s debt level would rise significantly and there is a strong chance that taxes would have to rise to fund the project.
Article 24. Rescind Appropriation for Framingham Bridge

Proposed by: Petitioners

This article will determine whether the town will rescind the $450,000 for the design and construction of the Potter and Stonebridge Road bridge, which is believed to lie within the City of Framingham. The article is looking to correct a mistake made by Wayland and Framingham officials. The mistake is the assumption that the bridge connecting Stonebridge Road in Wayland and Potter Road in Framingham lies in both towns,  which means that the repairs are both towns’ responsibility. However, it was recently discovered that the bridge is entirely in Framingham and is Framingham’s responsibility. Some arguments in favor of this article is that the town of Wayland should not have to pay for something that isn’t in its borders and that $450,00 is too much to earn Framingham’s goodwill. An argument against this article includes the fact that Wayland should honor their agreement to help repair the bridge.
Article 25. Loker Grass Field Construction

Proposed by: Select Board, Recreation Commission

This article will determine whether or not Loker Elementary School will get a multi-purpose natural grass athletic playing field. This would include playing surfaces, lighting, drainage, landscaping and recreational amenities. Arguments in favor of this article include an added playing field in Wayland, which is a need that has been voiced by the Recreation Commission. Arguments against this article include the fact that building another athletic facility at Loker would be too expensive and the town should explore another location in the town for this facility.