Breaking News: Student council election results


Credit: Courtesy of @caulfielddicarlo_stuco23 on Instagram

Wayland High School elects the 2022-2023 student council members. Juniors Delia Caulfield and Alex DiCarlo will be the student council president and vice president for the following school year.

Nadya Chase

The student council members for the 2022-2023 school year have been elected. The results are as follows:


Delia Caulfield

Vice president:

Alex DiCarlo


Ford Catlin


Skyler Zhou

Class of 2025 representatives:

Venezia Sebastianelli, Henry Han and Hassan Rashid

Class of 2024 representatives:

Noreen Javed, Finn Suratt and Tanas Kazlas

Class of 2023 representatives:

Emily Roberge, Grace Marto and Zach Grossman