Top trends for summer 2022


Credit: Alyssa Ao

Join Reporter Carolina Sdoia in a overview of this summers fashion trends.

Carolina Sdoia

Change in season brings about change in wardrobe and often changing what’s in style. So, the question is, what will this summer’s trends be? Here are some of my insights and views of this summer’s styles.

Low waisted jeans and shorts:
In the 2000s, icons like Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, and many more introduced low-waisted jeans to the public. The pants caused a lot of controversy because of how revealing people thought they were, but now, more than 20 years later, they are slowly making a comeback. It seems like each summer it constantly goes back and forth on whether high or low-waisted jeans will be popular. Though many people can rock the low-waisted look, I personally think high-waisted pants have more of a comfortable fit, making them a much better option.

Dickies and cargo pants:
I think these styles of pants are something both new and fresh, which I honestly haven’t seen in a while. If you own many plain tops, pairing them with either of these pants can really elevate your outfit. Both these pants are edgy but cute, making them something I expect to be very trendy this summer as I’ve seen them pop up this spring. As someone who values comfort and enjoys simple outfits, these pants would add a uniqueness to my wardrobe. If you’re interested in looking like Kim Possible, you should go invest in some cargo pants!

Colorful knit tops:
Each summer, there’s a very obvious trend, one being the 2019 VSCO lifestyle, which consisted of scrunchies, Birkenstocks, oversized shirts, and Hydro Flasks. This summer, I think everyone will go a more simplistic route as I observed many neutral tones with pops of colors throughout the winter and spring. In addition, I expect to see that this summer’s wardrobe will include a staple colorful knitted tube top. Social media has been displaying many different versions of this colorful knitted tube top, as it gives it a wide variety of shapes, patterns and styles. I think these tops will have a strong life through the summer, but when fall hits, they will be kept in the back of everyone’s closet.

Sweatshirts with big writing on the back:
Sweatshirts in the summer may be controversial to some because of the heat, but on a cold, windy night at the beach, a sweatshirt is just what you need to stay cozy. Sweatshirts can be boring since it’s an all year-round piece of clothing, so one with a little twist can add something fun to your closet. Last summer, I saw sweatshirts that were plain from the front, but had big text or graphics on the back. I think they will definitely be coming back this season. This style is cool and comfy but not simple, so it’s definitely going to be some of my favorites to see this summer.

Chunky flip flops:
All the seasons of this year are tending to bring back aspects of different decades. This summer, there’s no question that the early 2000s vibe is being brought back. Low-waisted pants, tube tops, graphic T-shirts and more have created a tamer version of this very colorful and bubbly vibe. However, clothing isn’t the only thing that can elevate an outfit, because shoes can do the job just as well. After seeing trendy celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Dua Lipa wearing big wedge flip flops, I’m prepared to see them back in fashion this summer. Ladies and gentlemen, throw out your boring flat flip flops and replace them with wedge flip flops quickly!

Follow these tips and go to your favorite retailer and you’ll for sure be on trend this summer.