Fashionista of the Month: September

Sasha Libenzon

Name: Elliot Koopersmith

Grade: Freshman

Favorite store:  “I usually shop at lacrosse pop-up stores.”

Online shopping or in-store?  “Online shopping because I don’t like trying on clothes and it takes too long, and online I can just click a button.”

Fashion Icon:  “Zach Rainville because his clothes are always on point.”

Outfit: “It’s my soccer outfit because I have a game today. [I’m wearing] a Hollister shirt, Hollister pants and Champion socks.”

Credit: Sasha Libenzon

Favorite season: “My favorite season is spring because I can wear a sweatshirt and still not be too warm or cold.”

Design time: “I usually make my outfits in two and a half minutes, right before school.”

Favorite article of clothing: “A hoodie because it always works well, and I can wear it whenever I want.”

Style word: “Cool since all of my clothes are cool.”

Fashion-challenged advice: “My advice would be to be yourself and always pick what resembles you. If you pick an outfit that you think isn’t good, just stick with it because it probably is good.”

What does fashion mean to you: “Fashion is really important to me because I always want to look good.”


Name: Jahdaya Franklyn

Grade: Sophomore

Favorite store: “Some of my favorite stores for basic tops and outfits are White Fox, Beginning Boutique and Pretty Little Thing. My favorite comfy clothing store is Aerie Offline because its leggings are so comfortable.”

Online shopping or in-store? “I prefer online shopping because I have more access to the clothing that I love, and [it’s] faster than going in-store, searching for an item and waiting for it in a long line.”

Fashion Icon: “My fashion icon has to be De’arra Taylor. She inspires me to think outside the box and to embrace what I have. She has an eye-catching style, and I love that about her.”

Outfit: Franklyn is wearing a red and white cropped jacket from Forever 21 with black flare leggings from Aerie. For shoes, she is wearing black and white Air Jordan 1’s.

Credit: Jahdaya Franklyn

Favorite season: “My favorite season has to be fall because it’s not too cold or hot and it gives you a wide range of what you could wear. Fall allows you to pair your comfiest clothing and make it into an outfit you love.”

Design time: “Most of my design time happens the night before or the morning of. I usually pick my outfit at night but always change a few things because I [don’t] like how it looks. If I don’t pick out my outfit the night before and have no clue about what to wear, I look on Pinterest for outfit inspiration to spark an outfit [out of] my closet.”

Favorite article of clothing: “I would say shoes are my favorite article of clothing because your shoes bring everything together.”

Fashion-challenged advice: “Wear what makes you feel the best and embrace your style. You can look good in anything if you carry confidence with your outfit. Never try to fit in, but allow people to see your character through your clothing. If you struggle to find your style or an outfit, make a Pinterest board on the outfits you love and recreate them. For easier outfit pairing, pair a basic top with simplistic bottoms and your favorite pair of shoes. Never overthink your outfit but embrace it.”

What does fashion mean to you: “Fashion, to me, means creativity. It allows you to embrace your personality and be confident. Whether it’s wearing sweats or cargo pants, anything you feel good in, you’ll look good in. Fashion is another way to express where you came from and your background, and that stands out to me because your outfit is a part of who you are.”