Tribute to WSPN: Charlie Moore


Credit: Alyssa Ao

Former co-editor in Chief of WSPN, from 2019 to 2020, Charlie Moore discusses his current endeavors in journalism and WSPN’s impact on his life.

Charlie Moore

In 2016, I joined the Wayland High School journalism elective on a whim. Eighth grade, lunch block, BTags’ room, a rising junior told me I would make upperclassman friends. What I actually stood to gain from WSPN was the ignition of a passion for journalism, informing my studies in college and advancing my career aspirations.

A rising freshman seeking community, when I first walked into B225, I was sure to find it. I was taught the craft by Barber and Karman and eagerly covered whatever I could. WSPN quickly became the largest part of my routine and reputation at Wayland. Above all else, I developed a passion for sportswriting, going beyond the field to tell the stories of Wayland athletics.

WSPN, to me, means opportunity. The opportunity to learn—through both failure and success. The opportunity to connect with a greater community and to tell its stories. The opportunity to relish the four years I spent at WSPN and feel proud of the impact I made.

I moved from J1 staff writer to social media editor my sophomore year. Junior year, armed with a 16-year-old dream to do sports commentary, I embraced ‘opportunity’ and endeavored to create the sports broadcasting section.

I actually wanted to be the sports editor but, thankfully, I was given the key to my own city. For the next year, I would spend my days scouring the internet for Bedford basketball rosters and my nights producing games from WayCam’s control center. I cannot overstate the undying, impassioned support of Ms. Barber and Mr. Mullane for helping me execute my dream.

Finally, I had the pleasure of sharing editor-in-chief duties with Kevin Wang in 2020. My tenure as EIC will always be the highlight of my entire WHS experience and also the part I was most upset to lose when senior year got cut short by the onset of COVID-19.

I took extreme pride in the product we produced. Although we won a Pacemaker, it was the interconnectivity of Kevin, myself and our advisors that captivates my WSPN experience. And that speaks to the WSPN experience as a whole. The people I shared that newsroom with—from those inspiring me as a freshman, to those executing our editorial vision—I am so grateful to each and every one of you.

In 2016, I joined the journalism elective on a whim, and boy am I glad I did. For my birthday in November of my freshman year, my parents gifted me a mug with a typewriter image, “for the journalist in the family.”

At that stage, two months into taking this class, I was certain I had found my passion. I would later write my Common App Essay on that tingly butterflies-in-the-stomach journalistic feeling as I applied to the Boston University College of Communication.

My journalistic career began September 2016. Today, as a junior at BU, the dream lives: I am a Dean’s List journalism major, and the sole Sports Writing Intern for BU’s news publication, BU Today. As a freshman in 2021, I was the Head Sports Editor for the on-campus student news publication, the Daily Free Press. I am also a Front Office Intern for the Worcester Red Sox, and I was recently promoted to Deputy Editor to the WooSox Newsroom.

I credit all the skills I brought to BU to WSPN. I was so effectively taught how to write and report, that I was able to effortlessly integrate into BU’s journalistic community, and succeed.

I have accomplished a lot as a journalist at BU. However, I can never forget where I started. To Karman and Keaney for teaching me how to write, to Barber for supporting me every single day, to all of my EICs: Meg, Nandita, Isabel, Janani, Duncan, Hannah and Nathan, for teaching me how to lead. To my 2021-22 editorial board, to my managing editor, Caitlin and my co-EIC, Kevin, to each and every single person I met doing WSPN: Thank you. Thank you for showing me my passion, your impact on me is indescribable and endless.

WSPN isn’t a class, an elective, or even a publication. WSPN is a community of people and purpose. Thank you WSPN.

Charles Moore, [email protected], @moorecharless on Twitter