Top trends of fall 2022


Credit: Alyssa Ao

Join Reporter Mischa Lee in a overview of this season’s fashion trends.

Mischa Lee

With the weather switching off between 50 and 70 degrees every day, it’s always tough to find the perfect outfit. Whether it’s sweaters and jeans, or shorts and shirts, fall gives us the opportunity to dress however we’d like. If you’re looking at your wardrobe and wondering what items to add to it this season, here are some perfect fall weather items to spice it up this year.

Flare pants:
Flare pants, which were once trending in the ’90s, have finally made their comeback. Nowadays, many different materials can make flare pants such as athletic materials, sweatpants materials and jeans. By putting on a pair of these flare pants, you can easily make an outfit more interesting. The slight flare at the ankle of the pants will add an extra element to your outfit. Further, it is also very easy to style up or down flare pants. One comfortable pair of pants that recently blew up because of TikTok is the “Aerie high waisted crossover flare leggings,” which are a pair of leggings with the added flare component. You can also find flare jeans in almost any popular clothing store in the mall, like American Eagle or Hollister. You can pair the flare pants with some sort of T-shirt, and it works every time.

Leather material:
Leather is timeless and has always been a very popular material to wear in the fall. The thick fabric will leave you warm, but also to the point where you’re not overheating. Many more leather jackets, more specifically oversized leather jackets, are a hot commodity, worn throughout fall and winter. These jackets can be worn on top of sweaters, dresses and basically any item of clothing. Also, leather pants are very popular because of the chic style they give off and the fall vibes you get from their dark color. Pair the leather pants with a simple nude shirt or sweater for the perfect autumn attire.

Ultra Mini Uggs:
Shoes are a very important part of every outfit. They pull the whole outfit together, yet also can make or break an outfit. Many different types of Uggs boots, such as tall Uggs and ribbon Uggs, were popular in the 2000s and through the late 2010s but the fad fizzled out when many other fall boots became more popular. Now in 2022, they have made their comeback. However, instead of the 2000s versions, the classic ultra mini Uggs have been selling out in every store. These are a very warm and comfortable pair of shoes, and they’re perfect for fall. You can pair them with some flare leggings and a sweatshirt to make a very comfortable and cute outfit.

Mini skirts with sweaters:
A trend that always comes back around every season is the classic mini skirt and sweater outfit. This outfit is very classy and you can dress it up to go somewhere fancy or laid back just for going outside and running errands. The perfect oversized sweater paired with a black mini skirt can be the ideal outfit to wear in the fall. It pairs great with color-changing leaves, as it matches the vibe of fall. You can throw on some nylons and boots with the outfit, making it even cuter.

Puffer vests:
Puffer vests were very popular during the ’90s and have been a very on-and-off trend for a while now. Such vests come in a variety of colors and styles, adding a pop of color and an extra layer to plain outfits. Many people get them in a plain nude or a black color, making them a very good staple to have in your closet. You can use the vest for everyday wear, but you can also dress it up and wear it with fancier outfits. Puffer vests are a perfect jacket to have during the fall season because it’s perfect for the not too hot, but not too cold weather.